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Our friend Keitha with Creative Composition share their testimony about the experience they had when working with

The challenge for Creative Composition in envisioning a new website was that it would need to speak to two very different audiences; print newbies, who have a vague idea of what they want and no knowledge of how to ask for it; and seasoned print professionals who speak “printer-ese” as their first language. We produce a huge volume and variety of materials so an easily understandable and navigable site that could showcase our abilities and serve both kinds of clientele was mission critical.

SiteHatchery understood and embraced the challenge from the start.

Did I mention we have more than our share of control freaks around here? (An occupational hazard in a business that is keen on DETAILS.) We also wanted a dynamic site that we could easily update so we could show the world the killer products we were making day in and day out. We don’t do stale.

We also had some very specific ideas of how we wanted it to look and feel. They were great at responding to “I want what I want”. There answer was always, “Sure, we can do that”. I never felt that someone was on the other end of the phone call rolling their eyes.

Jason and his team helped us think through the process and find the most elegant solutions. They kept to their timelines and also held us accountable to our part of the process, which is crucial in any partnership – and sometimes a delicate dance.

However, even more impressive to me than their technical expertise, was SiteHatchery’s commitment to client communication. I’ve worked with other web firms that assure you they are ”busy in the back room” and promise to hit the deadline but you can never be sure because there is no communication between milestones. The SH team acknowledged every communication, and gave me real time progress updates. That is HUGE when you are answering to people above you who want to hear more than …”the web guys promise……”.

We are thoroughly delighted with our new site and would (and have) give SiteHatchery our highest recommendation.

Keitha Corbit
Creative Composition
Client Relations Director

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