Double Log-in Forms

I had an interesting idea about Double Log-in Forms. The authentication logic could require one or more failed log-ins using a specific chain of, possibly simpler, passwords. For instance, entering the password “abc123” would appear to fail, but would be required by the authentication logic. A subsequent correct password, such as “xyz321”, would then allow entry to the secured area. What makes this idea interesting is that to the bot or hacker the log-in attempt would appear to be a failure. What do you think? Would this improve security?

Double Log-in forms is just one of the many safeguards that uses when it comes to Website Security. Our development team is hands on, viewing your website activity monthly, ensuring your business is secure.

There are a lot of good security measures offered to help protect against intruders. But the truth is, for every security measure put into place, someone is looking to get around it. The best line of defense is to search for the vulnerable areas of your business, before someone else does.

If website security is important, do we have a service for you. Our Monthly WordPress Security Check will have a web developer continually combing through your website, creating back-ups, running updates, putting safe-guards in place along with monitoring server and website activity.

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