Duckback Products Testimonial

We had a wonderful experience working with our friends at Duckback Products. See how they viewed our time together by reading the Duckback Products Testimonial:

SiteHatchery was recommended to us by one of our local print vendors Creative Composition. We liked the user friendly aspect and clean design of the Creative Composition site and Duckback was in need of a complete website overhaul. We desired a site that would be easy to navigate and visually appealing. With over 25 unique products under the brands of Superdeck and Mason’s Select, we also required that the products be organized in a very user friendly fashion. Duckback sells products through an international distribution to 3,500 store locations requiring an online retailer database with zip code search and map function. In addition we required a media center to share files, videos, photos and other marketing content with our customers and vendors. We wanted to post customer testimonials and photos as well. Needless to say we asked for a lot. The team at SiteHatchery did an amazing job that resulted in a completely new and modern look with major improvements to the design and functionality of the site. Duckback has been in business in Chico for over 20 years, and as a local manufacturer we are pleased to support another Chico business within our community. Please visit our new site at and let us know what you think!

Jennifer Haney
Senior Project Manager
Duckback Products

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