Magento Commerce vs WooCommerce vs Shopify

Which Shopping Cart Software do You Recommend?

Magento Commerce vs WooCommerce vs Shopify

Picking the right shopping cart software is important. As a developer there are a variety of choices available, but three come to mind as popular choices for many. Here we discuss the differences between Magento Commerce vs WooCommerce vs Shopify.

With Magento Commerce, it is the leading open source e-commerce platform for enterprise scale websites and mobile applications running on LAMP web servers. Small businesses can leverage the free cost of the software to build applications with the same features and functions as the largest international brands. However, the Magento CMS has advanced inventory management, shipping rate calculation, and credit card processing. SiteHatchery specializes in building Magento Commerce websites for small-to-medium sized e-commerce businesses, including custom themes, new module development, and cloud hosting.

Many small businesses prefer to build e-commerce solutions around WordPress with Woocommerce because it is easier to use, maintain with security updates, and features more plugins for advanced content management. This is a great solution for many businesses who don’t have thousands of products, or distribution management needs. When an e-commerce website outgrows Woocommerce, we usually point them to Magento Commerce.

For small businesses and large brands that prefer a SaaS/PaaS solution for ecommerce, SiteHatchery now offers Shopify website development. The Shopify platform compares to Magento Commerce and WooCommerce but requires a monthly subscription to use. SiteHatchery develops unique themes for clients who publish e-commerce listings on Shopify. The main advantage of Shopify is that it is a cloud service which does not require web server or software stack security upgrades to be managed by the customer, reducing long-term maintenance costs in production. The main disadvantage of Shopify is that you don’t have access to the code and so may eventually be faced with the limitations of it’s software.