Will, Our Operations Manager

Will Langley Operations Manager
Will Langley joined our team in August of 2011 as our Operations Manager. Will handles all of the communication between clients and staff, as well as controls the flow of work that comes through SiteHatchery. This is his first management job in the web development industry. Will comes from working in graphic design in the entertainment industry, doing mostly print work, web design and web marketing, with some of his work being seen on MTVs America’s Best Dance Crew and Pay-Per-View.

Will began working in graphic design in 2005 and in 2008 started working in the field full-time, mostly doing free lance work for various companies and individuals in the Chico and Los Angeles areas. Will is extremely detail oriented, and has an eye for design detail, thus making sure that the production activity is in line with Sitehatchery.com’s and the client’s expectations.

Update: Will left the company in October 2012 on great terms. We wish the best to him in his future endeavors!

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