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Search engines look at every aspect to make sure your website has met the algorithm quality guidelines. After you sign up a contract with us, the first step we do is an end-to-end website audit which can help you understand where your website stands in performance and whether it meets the expectations of your target audience. Our website audit can improve the efficiency and visibility of your website explicitly and revamp it in line to the latest trend.
Our website audit report tool is highly focussed on performing end-to-end website audits and improving Google search ranking, along with improvising your website traffic and performance as well. The audit reports we generate can extensively enhance your website’s organic search visibility, usability and provide stronger and better content. Within a short period you can see a huge improvement in your website conversion rates and discover potential revenue resources.


The Benefits of a Website Audit

The Ins and Outs

Overall Website Grade

The Audit Results

Our website audit tool stuns you with providing predictive results and improvements to your website, prompting you on the performance of your website deep-down. Depending on the current SEO strategies applied to your website, our extensive website audit tool shows the health of your website and the actionable items to be taken for its betterment. We will also showcase the areas of improvement and provide you highly reliable recommendations.

The performance of your website may slow down due to several reasons. Our website audit tool lets you know your website grade in the market by enabling an intensive comparison with your competitor websites and getting you accurate reports. We analyse the audit results and look at pain-points and scope for improvement and make your site search engine-friendly, optimize your user experience for mobile, create sitemaps, optimize your content, highlight your contact information, improve load time, etc.

As a proactive step, we perform a regular audit to your website at least twice or thrice in a year to build your website traffic through organic search. Our website audit tool helps you with increased visibility over losing the perfect ground to new competitors, Google’s algorithm updates, or switching industry trends.

Five Key Areas

Where does your website stand


With applying effective search engine optimization auditing tools and techniques, we make your website rank higher in Google’s search results and substantially drive traffic to your website.


Your website usability is defined at a broader aspect of your business goals and counted with respect to user-centred design. We make sure the availability and accessibility of your website by focussing on server up-time, broken links and mobile responsiveness.


The website performance plays a crucial role in generating traffic. Our website audit results tell you whether your website downloading and display speed is up to the mark and highlight the pain points and suggestions for improvement.


Our audit results can clearly and completely get you the presence of your website in social media and how better you can engage with your audience, providing an in-depth social media analysis.


The Website Audit tool can easily identify gaps and weaknesses in your current security practices and whether your website provides the required security to your visitors, and which grade it has obtained in terms of security, along with its improvements.

Child Pages

A list of your website pages

Your website may have any number of child pages but the parent page remains to be one. At the same time, there could be many parent pages under which you can display multiple child pages. Our audit report tool pulls out every nuke and corner of your webpages and analyses the performance of every page in all aspects.

Our audit results ensure whether the links and directions to a particular page are given properly, and if so, are these pages yielding good traffic to your website. If not, it shows where the lag is along with perfect solutions to overcome it. Like how ranking is important for your website’s parent page, it is more important for inner pages as well. Our audit results can help curate your content according to visitors’ preferences.

Our recommendations help you define a hierarchy for your website and ensure the right pages are set as child pages, supporting you to gain huge traffic to your website overall.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website noticed

Search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in building organic searches for your website and making its position consistent in Google like search engines. At Sitehatchery, we help you build your brand by optimizing your website with earning more traffic.

We make your website easily searchable by your audience with powerful keywords highly searchable by your target audience and optimize your content with those keywords. Our website audit report tool shows the current ranking of your website, identifying the gap and providing the best solution for generating high traffic organically. Our SEO experts focus on fetching quality and quantity traffic to your website for high conversion rates.

We provide simple do-it-yourself SEO tool for the benefit of small business owners to improve and promote their website at a cost-effective price. Along with the tool, we assign dedicated SEO experts to your website to monitor your keyword rankings and improvements and keep you posted on your site enhancements.

Website Headings

Are they being used?


Header is an important aspect of SEO, and our experts are versatile in optimizing HTML headers to your website and combine all the introduction content together for better readability of visitors and to gain traffic. Our website audit report tool does an intense research on your HTML headers and make sure it is optimized along with your content. Additionally, we will check whether your header has the focus keyword which drives direct traffic to the page.


Our SEO experts ensure your Title tag is optimized in line to your content and reduces the bounce rate and improves the web traffic.


We make sure that your Meta description’s length is as per Google’s new rule i.e. up to15 characters and matches with the title tag. Our SEO audit tool can capture and provide you all these in the audit reports which helps in generating huge web traffic organically.

Body Content

Overview of your page


With intense competitor website analysis and the current status of your website, we tell you how many header tags can make your website interactive to the target audience.


We run a complete check on your keyword usage and understand how consistently it has been used inside the content, whether the correct percentage of keywords has been used across as per Google, and has it not been diverting your audience from visiting your website.


Google keeps changing the amount of content required per page for your website, and we stick to its rules and analyse whether your website has an optimized content as per Google’s demand. We pull these reports and send it to you through using our website audit tool.


We verify whether every single image you have uploaded on your website has an alternative text if any image loading failure occurs. We check this on a regular basis once you handover your website for SEO optimization to us.


Viewed Across Devices


Stacking up across devices

With conducting your website audit through our tool, we fetch you the present grade your website has across search engines. We turn up your website devices-friendly and make sure it behaves as a highly responsive site.

We enable website usability testing and check the functionality of the web app while in usage by real-time users when they view/work on a particular page. We revamp your website appearance to the aspect of visitors and submit an error-free website for their usage. Our experts make your website the most effective, efficient, engaging, easy to learn, and error-tolerant and help you achieve your business goals.

Most often our primary area of focus is on user interface design and user interface experience of your website and make it pleasant to your visitors.

Device Rendering

Measuring how your page is constructed

This plays a main role in our web audit agenda. We check whether your website and pages are constructed according to the device compatibility and the page loading speed and other attributes that show the performance of your website overall. We analyse your audit reports with the number of visitors paid attention to your website, their interests and desires, and what action they tend to perform on your website and on which pages, and finally, their satisfaction of using your entire website or a particular webpage.


Our web audit analyses include correction and estimation of mobile viewports size and tell you whether it has been correctly used in your website options.


We check the impact and the density of flash in your website and see whether it interrupts your visitors reading your webpage content or how positively flash is impacting your website performance, and provide you recommendations on improvements if any.


Our experts ensure the correct usage of iFRAMES in your web page and validate the inclusion of any external webpage to your HTML structure and recommend your developers with errors found if any.


We ensure that your website has the favicon image file uploaded to show your visitors that it is a website and develop trust in them.


We make sure the legible font size of your text is properly used in your website, so your visitors find it easy and interesting to read. We also check whether the font size is equally used across the website for ensuring consistency.


Tap targets play an important role in website conversion rates. We ascertain the click to button your webpage is visible big and have the same size in whichever webpages you have used it. Keeping the button visible and able to tap easily brings quick conversions.