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WordPress Maintenance Plans

If you’re like most website owners, your goal is to make money—ideally, a lot of it. To maximize your opportunities and protect your online investment, you need the right tools, consistent improvements, and expert help.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans are designed with this in mind, offering comprehensive services to ensure optimal website upkeep, security, and performance.


$ 35
  • Web Hosting
  • Software Updates
  • Daily Remote Backups
  • Daily Virus Scans
  • Monthly Service Report


$ 55
  • Email Support: 1 Account
  • Speed Optimization 1 Time
  • Priority Support: 1/2 hr per mo
  • Enhanced Security
  • Google Analytics Integration


$ 85
  • Email Support: x2 Accounts
  • Annual Speed Optimization
  • Priority Support: 1 hr per mo
  • Hacking Insurance
  • Search Console Integration
  • Monthly Security Report


$ 185
  • Email Support: x6 Accounts
  • Custom Solutions to address specific needs of your website.
  • Priority Support: 2 hrs per mo
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Advanced Performance Tuning
Features Basic Advanced Pro Elite
Web Hosting
Software Updates
Daily Remote Backups
Daily Virus Scans
Monthly Service Report
Email Support 1 Account 2 Accounts 6 Accounts
Speed Optimization One-time Annual Annual
Priority Support 1/2 hr per mo 1 hr per mo 2 hrs per mo
Enhanced Security
Google Analytics Integration
Hacking Insurance
Search Console Integration
Monthly Security Report
Custom Solutions
Dedicated Account Manager
Advanced Performance Tuning

Why Choose SiteHatchery

Expert Support

Rely on experienced professionals dedicated to your website's safety and performance.

Comprehensive Protection

Gain peace of mind with extensive coverage against a wide range of threats.

Custom Solutions

Receive personalized solutions and dedicated support tailored to your specific website needs.

Insightful Analytics

Monitor and analyze your website's performance with integrated Google Analytics and Search Console.


Experience website hosting that goes beyond the basics at SiteHatchery. We have our own server, ensuring fast, reliable, and secure hosting for your WordPress site.

Our hosting package includes Daily On & Off Server Back-ups, Setup & Assistance, and we’ll handle the transfer of your website seamlessly. You’ll have all the space you need, with up to 10 GB storage.

With our expert team monitoring your website’s performance metrics, you’ll gain a clear understanding of its performance and receive proactive strategies to optimize visibility and attract more customers.

**Additional solutions available for high server demands. Please inquire.

Our Priority Support service covers a wide range of tasks to enhance or troubleshoot your WordPress website. Whether it’s refining the design of an existing page, or resolving technical issues, our team is here to assist you.

The Plus plan provides 30 minutes of development time per month, while the Pro plan offers 1 hour per month, and the Elite plan includes 2 hours per month, spread across multiple tasks.

*Please note that unused hours do not roll over and tasks needing more time will be billed at our $120 hourly rate after approved by client.

Should you find yourself needing additional development time beyond what your plan includes, we can easily bill you at our hourly rate on an as-needed basis to address specific tasks.

Client will approve and a deposit may be required for the project. 

We manage regular updates to your WordPress core, theme, and plugins, ensuring your site remains secure and up to date. Additionally, critical updates are promptly implemented to address any security vulnerabilities.

Each ‘Email Account’ we provide includes a Gmail account configured under your domain name (e.g.,[email protected]), offering a professional and personalized email solution tailored to your business needs.

Continuous Uptime Monitoring involves actively monitoring your website’s availability and uptime, ensuring that it remains accessible to visitors at all times.

Any downtime or interruptions are promptly identified and addressed to minimize disruptions.

Daily Scans for File Changes involve regularly checking your website’s files for any unauthorized modifications or alterations, helping to detect and prevent security breaches or unauthorized access.

Additional Protections include extra security measures implemented to fortify your website against various online threats, ensuring enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Search Console Integration involves integrating your website with Google Search Console, allowing you to monitor and manage your site’s presence in Google’s search results, identify indexing issues, and optimize your website’s visibility.

Advanced WordPress Performance Tuning involves optimizing your website’s performance by implementing various techniques and adjustments to enhance speed, responsiveness, and overall user experience.

Custom Solutions in our Elite Package are tailored to address the unique needs of your website.

This includes specialized development tasks, advanced configurations, and personalized enhancements designed to optimize your site’s performance and user experience.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and deliver bespoke solutions that align with your business goals.

*These solution will be suggestions. A quote with estimated time to complete will be approved by the client if outside of the 2 task hours provided in the package.

Our Hacking Insurance guarantees that in the event of a website hack, we will promptly and efficiently resolve the issues at no extra cost to you, ensuring your site’s security and integrity.

Our Speed Optimization service focuses on enhancing your site’s loading speed and overall performance.

Through careful optimization and improvements, we aim to achieve faster load times and higher Google Page Speed scores, typically involving 2 – 3 hours of dedicated work.

A Dedicated Account Manager in our Elite Package provides you with direct access to a personalized point of contact for your website.

This ensures the fastest support and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, including routine maintenance, strategic planning, and proactive performance management.

This dedicated support streamlines communication and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your website management.

If your website utilizes eCommerce functionalities such as WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, or integrates payment processing plugins, the Elite plan is recommended to ensure robust support for your online store’s needs.

To provide you with the best service, optimal uptime, and rapid troubleshooting, we require hosting your website.

However, in exceptional cases, we may offer our Priority Support services for sites hosted elsewhere.

This feature allows you to request a backup of your website and restore it if needed, providing you with added flexibility and control over your website’s backups.

Daily Virus Scans involve regularly scanning your website for any malicious software or viruses to prevent security breaches and keep your website safe from potential threats.

Monthly WordPress Platform, Theme, and Plugin Updates involve keeping your WordPress platform, themes, and plugins up to date with the latest versions, ensuring that your website remains secure, compatible, and optimized.

Google Analytics Installation involves setting up Google Analytics on your website to track and analyze visitor behavior, traffic sources, and other valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your website’s performance and optimization.

Monthly Service and Security Reporting entail providing you with detailed reports on the status of your website’s service, performance, and security measures taken, keeping you informed and updated on the health and well-being of your website.

Client Testimonials

“We have been using Sitehatchery for many years for the design, maintenance and upkeep of our eCommerce website. We could not be happier! They are reliable, efficient, honest and fast, a real rarity these days. Due to the many issues that websites can face when it comes to updates and hacking, we opted to use the monthly website maintenance plan that Sitehatchery offers as part of the upkeep of our website.

It is a HUGE sigh of relief that we know our plugins and automatic updates are taken care of in a timely manner and we no longer have to worry about hackers, worms and other vicious malware that can take over a website. We just pay our monthly fee and Sitehatchery does it all for us. We could not be happier."
Kristen Staggs, Bohn Armor

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