It's not easy finding the right mix of software developers, front-end designers, and business development professionals. The hunt for the best of the best led us beyond our local boundaries. A team emerged. This is a legendary team; a dream team of sorts.

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Our core


For years, we went head-to-head with other local firms which offer Chico web design, marketing and web services. We had a revelation, however, that changed our entire approach: SiteHatchery is different than a typical design shop. Yes, we produce fantastic looking and functional websites, but our typical customer needs much more than that. They need complex custom features and software applications. They desire a well thought-out interface that is both beautiful and hits all the marks for functionality and performance. Finally, they need a firm which will stand by them, continue to develop, and regularly maintain their investment. We thrive at creating web-based software, designing and developing websites, and providing website maintenance services. That's where we shine. Maybe... that's what you need.


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SiteHatchery has been developing software and websites for customers since 2005. The company started with a desire to improve businesses with the development software and websites. While this core vision hasn't changed, we've spent more than a dozen years improving the quality of our production, processes and expertise, as well as increasing the number of services designed to support online businesses.

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asked questions

What do your websites cost?

Websites range in price, they can go from hundreds of dollars, to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. It all comes down to what you need the website to do. The complexity of features and the amount of time spent to design, develop and bring the vision to life - all weigh in on the cost of the build. For us, the only way to get a real figure on what a website would cost is by setting up a quick conversation. We offer free consulatations and advice to help you find the right solution to fit your needs.

Together, we can explore website ideas and various price points. For SiteHatchery, our focus is providing lean viable solutions and building up from there. This way, the core building blocks of the website are in place. From there, we can chat further about additional features and their prices. We like to always start with a base price and build from there, this way there is no hidden surprises. Give us a call if you are interested in knowing what a website will cost.

Why should we hire SiteHatchery?

When it comes to business, we value people over a dollar. What does this mean? It means that our motivation comes from bringing dreams to life. Yes, there is a service price, but the focus is not on what we can get from you. Our determination comes down to what can we give you.

In business, the art of a good old fashion relationship building seems to be lost. Many companies seem to distance themselves from human contact and limit interaction. This makes it difficult to convey view points, brainstorm ideas and talk about solutions. At SiteHatchery, we put ourselves right in the project with you. We start together and end together, we are with you.

What sets you apart from other web design companies?

Qualities of SiteHatchery:

1. We Are Developers: If you can think it, we can bring it to life. We can customize products off the shelf or we can build them from scratch. In either case, there is no project outside of our scope that we can't build a solution for.

2. We Are Designers: A website can be filled with text and lose an audience. On the other hand, a website can have little text and with its proper use of images, colors, styling and responsiveness - it can captivate an audience. We specialize in the latter part.

3. We Keep It Simple: Being able to manage a website is highly important. We choose (or create) simple tools to accommodate the website and its tasks. Administrators and users can control their content withoiut complicated features to jam them up.

4. We Are Affordable: At SiteHatchery, we have a low overhead. This savings carries over to our quotes and saves our partners greatly. When our partners work with us, they pay for the website and the man power to put it together.

Do you offer graphic design?

Yes, absolutely.

When we get to the design stage, we will share input back and forth about graphic ideas and content. We use the latest photo editing and illustration software. If you can think it, we can draw it. If you want to recreate a branding image, we can do that too. If you know of a website that you really appreciate the layout and the design of the content, we emulate the style and deliver the same look and feel. We can also create graphics incorporating your logo for advertising banners and more. It's your website and your story, let us know what we can do to bring it to life.

What about the ads I see websites built for $600?

Great question, we have seen those ads too. Whenever I come across something too good to be true, it normally is. I would be extremely cautious on pursuing a company that claims they can build someone a website for $600. They have an agenda and it doesn't include delivering what you hope for. The reason, most of those ads are developers using themes and just plugging in as little information as they can to get a site up and running. The website will be rather generic and consist of the bare minimum. Majority of the time you get what the website comes with, no custom graphic design, no SEO and no real features. Those things are additional charges and will end up costing more.

How does the web development process work?

At SiteHatchery.com, we use 6 successful steps that help us design and develop websites.

1. Planning
2. Design
3. Development
4. Testing
5. Launch
6. Support

Learn more about our website development process by visiting our overview page.

How long should my project take to complete?

Each website is different. Depending on the amount of features needed, the development process can vary. For instance, a basic blog site can take 2-4 weeks to complete. However, a larger project which includes custom features and software could take 6 months or longer to finish. It all depends on how much development is necessary for the build.

On average, the typical website takes 6-9 weeks to develop and launch. This ensures adecquate time to test features, create content, adjust styling and put the proper meta information into place.

How many designers and developers do you have?

At this current time, we have (7) web developers. Each one carries strengths in other fields; like graphic design, software development, content generation and more. Our team of specialists are diverse in their strengths and play an active role in the website development process.

How much experience do you have?

We started SiteHatchery.com back in 2005. Since we opened the doors, we have made thousands of succesful websites. We have created and designed specialized custom software solutions. Solutions for rental management properties have been increasingliy growing in popularity. We have created custom weather widgets, perfect for websites that feature their weather location. We also manage and operate websites in a server level by provding web hosting, website security, SSL Certificates, and website performance tuning. Our services include various supporting website features. There's no aspect of a website that we have not designed, developed, operated and managed. From small to big corporations, we are a total website solution provider.

What payment arrangements do you offer?

When it comes to payment arrangements, it varies depending on the nature of the project. For small to medium sized website designs, we ask for a 50% deposit when we start to break ground. This is the stage after the design process and are developing the website. For large websites, we ask for a 30% deposit at the signing of the project agreement.

For custom software development, projects like this may or may not require a deposit. The process is on-going and it's easier to set a progress billing every month with NET-30 terms for our partners.

If you are looking for a website to be built, but need a flexibility when it comes to payment arrangements, let us know. At the end of the day, we are willing to work out a payment schedule that benefits both of us mutually.

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