Is a virus infecting your WordPress website?

Supercharge Your WordPress Website with Regular Maintenance, Virus Prevention, and Professional Upkeep

As a website owner, your goal is to maximize your revenue potential. To achieve this, you need the right tools, continuous improvement, and the guidance of experienced professionals. That's why we have designed the WordPress Maintenance Plan, a comprehensive service bundle tailored to ensure the utmost upkeep, security, and performance of your WordPress website. With our plan, you can protect your online investment and unlock the full potential of your business.

What is the WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Ensure the safety and reliability of your WordPress website with our comprehensive Maintenance Plan. With our cutting-edge software and expert team, your site will be equipped to handle any potential disasters. We'll handle routine maintenance tasks and meticulously test updates, giving you the peace of mind you need. Experience worry-free website management and protect your online investment.

Why Do I Need this Plan?

Protect your online business and secure it against the constant threats of hackers, viruses, technology advancements, and unforeseen calamities. Our team of dedicated professionals is equipped with the expertise to promptly address any issues that may arise, ensuring your website remains operational without any additional cost to you. Rest easy knowing that your valuable online asset is entrusted to capable hands, prepared to overcome any obstacles that come its way.

What is Included?

Experience the comprehensive benefits of our Maintenance Plan, tailored to meet all your website needs. With a focus on platform updates, security fortification, maintenance, performance optimization, and remote backups, our team of professional web developers ensures your website remains at its peak performance. Delve into the specifics of our services with the following detailed list:

Option 1: $549 yearly

Virus clean out included in the annual option, as needed
Option 2: $50 monthly

If your website currently has a virus, please also include the $250 clean out option.

Happy Customer Perks

  • No Annual Contracts
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Virus-Free Guarantee If your website gets a virus or is hacked (it won’t!), we’ll fix it.
  • Restores on Us If your website goes down, we’ll restore it for free.


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      Kristen Staggs, Bohn Armor

      We have been using Sitehatchery for many years for the design, maintenance and upkeep of our eCommerce website. We could not be happier! They are reliable, efficient, honest and fast, a real rarity these days. Due to the many issues that websites can face when it comes to updates and hacking, we opted to use the monthly website maintenance plan that Sitehatchery offers as part of the upkeep of our website. It is a HUGE sigh of relief that we know our plugins and automatic updates are taken care of in a timely manner and we no longer have to worry about hackers, worms and other vicious malware that can take over a website. We just pay our monthly fee and Sitehatchery does it all for us. We could not be happier.

      Kristen Staggs
      Bohn Armor


      •••WordPress PlatformUpdates and Maintenance


      •••Monthly WordPressSecurity Checks


      •••WordPressPerformance Tuning


      •••WordPress DailyRemote Backup

      The WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Your Website Just Got
      A Whole Lot Safer and Faster

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      The WordPress Maintenance Plan pack is comprised of several powerful features.
      These features tackle the major areas of a website, creating a secure, up-to-date, high performing website.


      WordPress Platform
      Updates and Maintenance

      WordPress Platform Updates

      Maintained and Secure

      We provide optimal performance and security of your website with our diligent update management. Keeping up with the latest updates is vital for your website's success, as it resolves coding challenges and enhances the security of your WordPress Content Management System (CMS). However, the update process can sometimes introduce conflicts with your plugins and custom coding. With our comprehensive internal process, we not only handle the updates for your website but also address any conflicts that may arise, swiftly resolving issues to ensure uninterrupted business operations and a seamless user experience.

      WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Monthly WordPress Platform, Theme & Plugin Updates

      WordPress is constantly evolving and our development team will ensure that your website stays current. Updates to a platform, theme and plugins are necessary for performance and security.


      Monthly WordPress
      Security Checks

      WordPress Security

      Protection Against Intruders

      While numerous security measures exist to safeguard against intruders, the reality is that for every measure implemented, there are individuals seeking to circumvent it. The most effective approach is to proactively identify vulnerable areas in your business before others do. By concentrating on commonly targeted areas, we establish robust security measures to shield your business from digital intrusions. Safeguard both yourself and your customers with comprehensive protection.

      Up-time Monitoring, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Continuous Uptime Monitoring

      Websites need to be monitored to ensure everything is working as it should. If something occurs the situation needs to be made known immediately. We can be those eyes that keep a close tabs on your website.

      Regular Virus Scans, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Daily Virus Scans

      Protecting visitors a priority. People who visit your website need to be assured their information is not being stolen. Keep your website safe and prevent viruses from disrupting your life by allowing our security team to run daily virus scans.

      Regular Scanning of File Changes, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Daily Scans for File Changes

      Not all breaches are recognized on the surface. That is why we use software to review and compare your website files daily to see if any file changes have occurred.

      Virus-free Guarantee and Virus Removal, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Virus Removal at No Additional Cost

      Should your website get a virus, it won’t cost you a dime to fix it. Our development team will take the necessary actions to remove it from your website. Whatever the solution may be, it is of no cost for our website partners. This guarantee alone could save you thousands.

      Monthly WordPress Update and Platform Review, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Monthly Service and Security Checking

      Each month our team of developers will review your website to make sure the platform, theme, and plugins are up-to-date. We will recommend replacing outdated or vulnerable third party software and may offer suggestions to improve your website.


      Performance Tuning

      WordPress Performance Tuning

      Dialing in Website Performance

      While your website may be stunning and informative, studies show that slow websites convert fewer visitors. Don’t let this happen to you! We’ll do a deep review of your performance, make suggestions for improvement, and add caching to your web pages.

      Performance Tuning, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      WordPress Performance Tuning

      Websites can under perform for many reasons. As a new partner of, we will get your website where it should be by offering a one time complimentary WordPress Performance Tuning. Our website development team will run a series of performance tests, tackling areas of bulky coding, image file sizes and missing performance driven features.


      WordPress Daily
      Remote Backup

      WordPress Backups

      Proactive and Preventative Measures

      Guarantee the safety of your website with a robust recovery strategy. Don't leave it vulnerable to unnecessary risks that could result in revenue loss, data loss, and customer attrition. While building your business takes precedence, safeguarding your website is often overlooked. However, unforeseen incidents can occur, making a recovery plan invaluable. Introducing the Daily Remote WordPress Backup, the ultimate solution for swift and reliable recovery. Introducing: The Daily Remote WordPress Backup, the recovery solution.

      Daily Remote Backups of Website Files, Plugins and Database, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      Daily Remote Backups of Website Files, Plugins and Database

      We’ve seen people irrecoverably lose whole websites. But not you! We’ll install software to remotely back up your website files, plugins and database.

      Backup Restoration, included with the WordPress Maintenance Plan

      On-Demand Restoration of Your Website

      If your website does need to be recovered, we’ll take care of it at no additional cost. Giving you peace of mind is part of the plan.

      Get the Bundle and Save

      The bundle is your key to peace of mind