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How To Use WordPress Menus

A menu for a website is the navigation bar that shows up at the top, giving links to all the pages shown in the menu. To get started, navigate to the menu editor by hovering over ‘Appearance’ on the left. Click on ‘Menus.’ The top of your screen should look something like the image below

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The Ultimate Website Reports Web Developers Should Have on Hand.

The Ultimate Source for Website Reports

There are a myriad of helpful reports available which will help you know how to improve your business website. However, there are some that we think stand out from the rest. And so… we offer you our top top 10 list. External Website links to the top 10 website reports: Google Analytics Website SEO Audit

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See why backing up your website is important and find a backup solution for your WordPress Website.

Why Backing Up Your Website Is Important: Best Practices by Developers

Building a website can be tedious and eventful. For months, developers can easily invest countless hours each day creating a website which includes engaging and colorful landing pages, helpful blog articles that offer solutions, carefully reviewed plugins which are resourceful in aiding with your website’s mission – all with the mindset of developing a website

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Tip: Regularly Review Your Website for Viruses

In this post, I will examine how to review and scan code regularly to help prevent security breaches and viruses. The largest and most advanced internet security breaches in history have happened in the last few years. Take, for example, an admission by Yahoo! that data from every one of it’s 3 billion user accounts had

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