Website Maintenance Services

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Website Maintenance Services

  1. Website Backups
  2. Updates
  3. Website Security & More

You’ve put a lot of thought and time into your online business. Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of money and have suffered sleepless nights, wrestling to develop content, or dealing with server problems. The last thing you want is to have your website irrecoverably crash or download a virus to your customer’s computer.

There are loads of issues to watch out for. For example…

  • Insecure passwords
  • Viruses and malicious software
  • Insecure plugins or modules
  • Hacking attempts
  • Outdated platform versions
  • Failed or non-existent website backups
  • Vulnerabilities with the platform
  • Server crashes
  • Corrupted database
  • DNS issues

Your online business can be shielded from hacking attempts, viruses, and server malfunctions with the right tools, consistent attention and improvement, and experienced professionals to help you.As an example of what we can do, in one of our popular monthly service plans for WordPress (Please inquire about pricing if you are interested), we offer the following services.

Let’s talk about a few of these, starting with “security”.

Security for Your Website

To illustrate the importance of security, consider this true story…

Security for Your Website

It must have been a decade ago. SiteHatchery was hired to develop a video publishing portal and public video listing. As amazing as the software was – similar to YouTube — I, Jason, made a critical mistake: During the development phase, I had set the password for the administrative pages to “password” and then forgot to change it. Well, on the morning of the launch, my customer sent an email newsletter out to hundreds of his customers, friends, and investors, not realizing the horrible atrocity that transpired the night before… someone had uploaded dozens of porn videos to his website!

This reinforced a rule that I already knew, but failed to follow: always use secure passwords. It also woke me (and my customer) up to the fact that someone is always watching and waiting to take advantage of an opportunity to disrupt your precious investment. This is an unavoidable reality. I know, because I receive instant notifications of hacking attempts for my customers who are protected by our security plan.

Have a Backup and Restoration Plan

Backup and Restoration Plan

While it’s important to keep your website protected against hackers and the like, it’s also important to have a backup recovery plan. You never know when you will encounter server crashes, or when something goes haywire with your website. A simple platform update could instantly destroy your hard work. The SiteHatchery website maintenance plan includes a daily backup of all website and database files to an off-site location. This means that your website can be recovered even if your server goes up in a ball of flames.

Website Reports

Website Reports

Even better, we also offer monthly update reports on your website traffic from SiteHatchery. Our web traffic reports will provide insights into the source of traffic by search term, by country of origination, by operating system, device, and other variables. These reports can be used to fine-tune your online sales and marketing strategies for eCommerce. Combined with WordPress SEO, page caching, CSS aggregation, and HTML compression, SiteHatchery produces WordPress websites that are multi-level optimized for search engine result pages (SERPs).

We are WordPress Developers

website maintenance services

We love using WordPress because our customers find that websites built on this platform are easy to manage. Not only this, but WordPress themes are highly flexible and extendable. There are hundreds of plugins that push the boundaries of a website’s functionality. WordPress is “open source” software, which means that developers have full access to the code, allowing them to build it out in any direction. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is maintained by hundreds of developers.

WordPress is an amazing platform, but these websites do require continual maintenance and security upgrades while in production. Failure to keep WordPress updated with the latest security patches can result in loss of data or breach of services by hackers and script-bots. Because of its popularity, these websites are targeted by brute-force entry, cross-site scripting attacks, and MySQL-injection hacks. WordPress hosting needs to be maintained with Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), anti-virus scanning, anti-DDoS, and other malicious attack protection. We install software to scan packet requests for known viruses, detect worms on servers, prevent brute-force entry attacks, and repel automated script-bots. This makes your WordPress website safer against hackers and spammers. It’s our job to keep your website locked down so that these targeted attacks remain unsuccessful.

Have a Maintenance Plan for Your Website

website maintenance plan

Small business owners need professional maintenance for WordPress websites on a 24/7/365 basis without a high monthly cost for the service plan. By maintaining our own web hosting servers across a variety of service providers, SiteHatchery can provide integrated website maintenance services with cloud hosting for WordPress as part of a single monthly plan. We suggest that our Chico web design clients sign up for a complete cloud hosting, security, and website maintenance plan to support online services which includes SSL/TLS certificates for encryption.

Please contact SiteHatchery for more information on our WordPress cloud hosting, website maintenance cost, and security plans. Review our WordPress Optimization plans for high-performance web server support.