Website Design and Development

When it comes to building a website, it’s more than just a task – it’s an investment that represents the brand identity of a business, both locally and internationally. Since your web presence is the online representation of your company, you need a striking, credible, well-organized, and easy to navigate front-end that knocks the socks off your customers. You want them to say of you, “I’d really like to do business with this company.” That’s the kind of site we want to create for you.

In a digital age where people seek information from reliable sources that can deliver to any type of computer device.

It’s important that all eCommerce websites, blogs, and media publishers adopt a “mobile first” strategy with responsive themes that can support any screen size. This includes desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. You may not realize this, but responsive websites only really became a thing in 2013 (see this article). These days, every website and interface is expected to be responsive to any screen size. Since it’s universally expected, it’s hardly a selling point anymore, but you should know that we pay special attention to this and are expert responsive developers.

Websites have become an interwoven tool for business, social networking, news, entertainment, music, and video publishing.

Websites are an integral part of our daily culture and need to be more than just eye candy. They should be highly interactive, feature-rich, performance-driven, dynamic, responsive, and visually stunning. It’s so important to get this right; the future of your business likely depends on it.

Loking for a "Website Designer Near Me"?

SiteHatchery is a website development services provider in Chico, CA with a strong portfolio of professional clients. We’ve has been developing software and websites for customers since 2005. Consider us for your next web design Chico project. We pride ourselves in building custom solutions for clients according to their individual business requirements and organizational needs. This includes custom theme and plugin development for WordPress CMS websites. We have teams of PHP programmers, .NET programmers, front-end developers, and JavaScript developers. Since we are also application programmers, we can do pretty much anything you dream up. So dream big and let us in on the action!

Your Web Design Quote is an Ask Away

New web pages or websites can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on what you are looking for.

Maintenance work can be performed on an hourly basis, a retainer, or an agreement.

Contact us through email, chat, or phone to start the conversation with SiteHatchery.

Here are some of the types of industries we’ve served over the years:

Real Estate

Property Management



Legal Services

Financial Services

Churches and Non-Profits

Credit Unions

Medical & Dental