Coca Cola website vintage

Pop and Pixels: Coca-Cola’s Website Design Evolution

SiteHatchery is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by understanding and implementing the latest advancements in web design and technology. In this blog post,

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Wordpress Website Updates

Why Should Your Website Have the Latest Updates?

In this post, I’ll explain why it’s important for your website to have the latest updates from the platform vendor. Most of my examples and

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Instagram and Facebook marketing chico california business

Maximizing Business Growth with Facebook and Instagram

From Likes to Leads: Strategies for Business Growth on Facebook and Instagram. Here are 7 tips for advertising on these platforms: 1. Utilize Facebook and

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Responsive website design for mobile

Why Focus on a Responsive Website for Mobile?

With the majority of users accessing websites through portable devices, it’s crucial to ensure your site is optimized for all screen sizes.

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Meet Jason

Jason has been developing websites and software professionally for two decades. He has programmed for a major web-based retailer, software and design agencies

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Elementor Pro

How to Set Up Elementor Pro WooCommerce in WordPress for Your Online Store

Creating a visually stunning and user-friendly online store is a breeze with Elementor Pro and WooCommerce. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the

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Locked Out? Gain Website Access Through your Hosting Control Panel.

In the intricate web of website management, there might be scenarios where direct access to the WordPress admin seems elusive. Fear not, as we’ve got

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online website store design agency chico web design sitehatchery web development content

5 Ways to Create Content & Bring Traffic to Your Website

You know the old adage that applies to real estate: location, location, location? Well, when it comes to websites the money-making rule is: content, content, content.

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