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Small Business Software

Functionality is a key factor in a performance driven website. In today’s market, we can find a plugin or extension for just about anything, using today’s popular CMS (Content Management System) platforms. The thing is, they are typically generalized and designed to cover a multitude of areas. The draw back: excess and limitation. We trim the fat and offer lean viable solutions tailored to fit your website. The result is a compact coded software package built for performance and usability while meeting your website’s expectations.

You might also be looking for custom solutions to meet your specific business requirement. We’ve helped loads of customers by designing and coding their unique business management interface. Some of these projects have been pretty intense, requiring a solid plan, project management, quality assurance processes, and several developers and designers working at once. We’ve done things like develop integrated software for managing projects for local transportation agencies, build reporting and geo-mapping for the water flow in canals, building weather apps, and creating vacation rental management software. Basically, we can do anything. Just ask!

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Website Design & Development

In our digital world, websites are a fundamental asset. Whether we are looking to purchase something, watch a video, or share thoughts with friends and family through a social medium – it’s all done through a website. As we progress with our digital presence, consumers and internet users have expectations. Your business may rise or fall on how well your website meets or exceeds the expectations of your website visitors, how your brand and service offerings are communicated, and upon the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.

Your website should engaging. It should be amazing. But most importantly, your website should work for your business. We target the pain points within the industry by offering innovative and well-thought-out website solutions. Our experience tells us that no brand is the same; a cookie-cutter solution just won’t do. We’ll review your industry, your target market, and your business, to tailor a solution that’s just right for you. Here are a few software development projects that hit the mark for other customers…

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Website Maintenance


Monthly Website Report

Would you like a monthly overview of how your investment is doing, with recommendations for improvement? This might end up being the most important thing that we do for you. Contact us today to set up a plan for you! READ MORE.


Software Updates

Content management platforms, such as WordPress, may need to be updated regularly. Would you like to make sure your code has the latest updates and security patches? Let’s get you on a monthly plan.


A Home for your Website

You’re web pages need a place to live. Why not host it on our server? If you’ve had enough of the other guy/gal, or need a pro to handle everything for you, we have what you need.


Responsive Design

Does your website look good on a tablet or phone? In many industries, 50% or more of users are browsing your site on a mobile device. You might have a huge opportunity in front of you. Call us.


SSL Certificate Setup

If you do not have an SSL certificate, most browsers are telling your customers that your web pages are insecure. Please contact us to see how your investment may be affected and how we can fix it.


WordPress Remote Backups

You’ve spent a lot of money and time building your online presence. Don’t lose it! Our WordPress Daily Remote Backup will record your website daily, making sure you don’t lose everything you have worked for.

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Project Spotlight

ACFAOM (The American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicne) is a national organization that represents all aspects of podiatric practice. They have over 1000 highly educated podiatric physicians as members and is the one professional society in podiatric medicine that represents what most practicing podiatrists do on a day-to-day basis. ACFAOM also provides resources and training, including education and credentialing.

SiteHatchery created a professional and elegant website design. The ACFAOM staff and members love it. They like the open feel, the ease of navigation, and how great it looks on mobile devices. See for yourself: www.acfaom.org.

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How To Use WordPress Menus

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The Ultimate Source for Website Reports

The Ultimate Source for Website Reports

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Why Backing Up Your Website Is Important: Best Practices by Developers

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