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    Monthly Website Report

    Would you like a monthly overview of how your website is doing, with recommendations for improvement? This might end up being the most important thing that we do for you! Contact us today to set up a plan.


    Software Updates

    Website platforms, such as WordPress, may need to be updated regularly. Would you like to make sure your website’s code has the latest updates and security patches? Let’s get you on a monthly plan.


    A Home for your Website

    You’re website needs a place to live. Why not host it on my server? If you’ve had enough of the other guy, or need a pro to handle everything for you, I’d love to host your website.


    Responsive Design

    Does your website look good on a tablet or phone? In many industries, around 50% of users are browsing your site on a mobile device. You might have a huge opportunity in front of you. Call me.


    SSL Certificate

    If you do not have an SSL certificate, most browsers are telling your customers that your website is insecure. Please contact us to see how your website may be affected and how we can fix it.


    It’s Time to Make a Change

    I know you’re thinking about it. Your website needs something: a makeover, content updates, or design tweaks. Maybe you just need to be noticed. We’re here to help.

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    Our Services

    A striking and well-organized website will greatly enhance your appeal to customers, especially if it is visually and logically connected to your brand. You need to capture and hold people’s attention from the first glance and communicate your brand to your audience. Sitehatchery builds attractive, interactive web sites with dynamic features such as e-commerce, customer portals, forums, and custom PHP.

    Cookie-cutter design and page templates are not our thing; with Sitehatchery you’ll be getting a truly custom design at an affordable price. We work one-on-one with businesses of all sizes as well as nonprofits and individuals to develop sites that serve customers, draw search engine traffic, and build revenue. We can also help with redesigns, site upgrades and maintenance.

    Sitehatchery uses dynamic web development tools to custom build your website from the ground up, or redesign and add functionality to an existing site. If you require an ecommerce solution, we can start or expand an online store and shopping cart or inventory display module. Do you need a build a blog, add multimedia functionality, or ensure your site is optimized for Google and other search engines? We have the knowledge and tools to make it happen. Do you need an administrative interface, portal, data management application, or online directory? We do that, too.
    At Sitehatchery, we’re happy to do it all for you, but we also enjoy creating useable, accessible sites that our clients can manage themselves. And our sites are scalable, with the ability to add pages and other navigation functions later. You won’t be stuck with one design forever; your site can expand as your company grows.

    Does your website need a customer portal, forum, blog, intranet, business application, or other custom, dynamic feature? Sitehatchery can tackle projects of any size, from installing and implementing Zen Cart or osCommerce modules to custom-building shopping cart and inventory software.
    We are skilled in custom websites and dynamic programming and multimedia solutions using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Flash, and XML. When you choose Sitehatchery, you can be confident that your sites will not only look good to the customer, they will be built on solid coding techniques that comply with strict CSS and XHTML standards. This means your site will run fast, be well-indexed by search engines, expand easily as your business grows, and be a breeze to update, maintain, and even redesign as needed.

    If you need a blog, photo gallery, multimedia, forum, or an e-commerce solution such as a shopping cart, Sitehatchery can make it happen. We can leverage existing software for speedier development, or we can custom-build whatever you require.

    Our web development company can set up virtually any tool you need to make your site interactive and compelling for your customers and readers.

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