Daily Remote WordPress Backup

Don’t let catastrophic server failure instantly obliterate your online business.

Why is a Daily Remote WordPress Backup crucial? If you've ever experienced data loss, you know firsthand the devastating impact it can have on a business. The risk of losing your entire online business is real. By having your data backed up remotely every day, you can rest assured that your valuable information can be recovered.

Neglecting a recovery strategy for your website is inviting trouble. Don't take unnecessary risks that can result in revenue loss, information loss, and even the loss of customers. Implementing a protection plan is often overlooked.

The truth is, building a business and establishing systems receive most of the attention. Safeguarding your website against potential data loss is rarely a top priority. While such situations are rare, they can occur. Having a comprehensive recovery plan in place can be a lifesaver when the unexpected happens.

Introducing: The Daily Remote WordPress Backup, the recovery solution.

Daily Backup Solution

Daily Remote WordPress Backups will keep your data safe from unexpected issues.

Websites are like puzzles..

We Got You Covered

Back up everything to keep your business moving

Creating backups of your website begins with understanding the essential information it relies on. Websites gather data from various sources to display to your visitors.

Think of websites as puzzles. They consist of different pieces that come together to form the final result. If even one piece is missing, the puzzle remains incomplete. The same principle applies to website backups. Having nine out of ten pieces may seem close enough, but it still leaves you with an incomplete puzzle.

We meticulously examine your website, dissecting it into categories and evaluating its composition as a whole. This thorough process ensures that all the necessary data is collected, piecing together the complete puzzle of your website.










30 GB Data Storage

Having a present backup of your website allows for easy migration.

A Migration Benefit

Move your website with ease

With a backup in place, migrating to a new host or changing your website's URL becomes a seamless process. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in this transition, expertly putting all the puzzle pieces together to get your website up and running quickly.

Similarly, when unexpected errors occur, such as issues caused by updates, having the ability to revert back to a previous backup is crucial. At SiteHatchery.com, we retain three days' worth of data on our servers, ensuring that you can easily restore your website to a previously saved point if needed. Backup restoration is included as part of your monthly membership.

If you're seeking a straightforward solution to safeguard your business, this option is tailor-made for you. Opt for a daily backup plan for your website and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable data is secure.