Daily Remote WordPress Backup

Don’t let catastrophic server failure instantly obliterate your online business.

You are wondering why a Daily Remote WordPress Backup is important? If you have ever been a victim of lost data, you can attest to the situation, it can cripple a business. You risk losing your entire online business. Having data backed up remotely every day will assure that your valuable data can be recovered.

A website without a recovery strategy is asking for trouble. Don’t take unnecessary risk. The impact can lead to revenue loss, information loss and even customer loss. Having a protection plan in place is seldom considered.

The truth is, building a business and putting systems in place get all the attention. Safeguarding your website from possible data loss is hardly a pressing topic. It’s rare a situation and hardly happens. Yet, when it does, having a recovery plan in place can save the day.

Introducing: The Daily Remote WordPress Backup, the recovery solution.

Daily Backup Solution

Daily Remote WordPress Backups will keep your data safe from unexpected issues.

Websites are like puzzles..

WordPress Website Backup Service – We Got You Covered

Backing up everything to keep your business moving

Creating backups of your website starts with understanding what information is necessary. Websites call for information from various sources. This information collected displays for your visitors.

Websites are like a puzzle. Through a series of different pieces, they make a final result. If one piece of the puzzle is missing, then the puzzle is not complete. The same situation applies to website backups. Having 9 out of the 10 pieces, although may look like it is enough, you still don’t have a complete puzzle.

Going through the pieces of the puzzle, we look at your website and how it’s composed. We review the website as a whole and then break down the pieces into categories. This process is to ensure the website data collected, puts together a complete puzzle.


30 GB Data Storage

Having a present backup of your website allows for easy migration.

A Migration Benefit

Move your website with ease

By having a backup, transitioning to a new host and or a new URL is simple. Our team of professionals can assist with the migration. They’ll put the pieces of the puzzle together and have your website up and running in no time.

The same goes for an unexpected error. Sometimes updates can cause issues. When an issue arises, being able to revert back to a previous backup is necessary. At SiteHatchery.com, we keep 3 days worth of data on our servers. If you need to revert back to a previous saved point, no problem. Backup restoration included with your monthly membership.

If you are looking for a simple solution to safeguard you business, this is the option for you. Get your website on a daily backup plan and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your data is safe.