Our Website Development Cycle at SiteHatchery.


Step 1: Planning:

When it comes to building a website we like to start the process with a personalized brain dump. It’s important for us to sit down and collect ideas on how a website should look, feel and function. As we spend time going through each area of the website, we compile an extensive list of needs and wants.

As the list grows, a game plan starts to form. We segment the needs of the website and prioritize tasks. As the tasks dictate the shape of the website, we start to get a clear picture of what the website is going to need. From the backbone of the site to its supporting features. The foundation of the website takes form and it’s time for the rubber to make contact with the road.

Website Design Process - Planning

Step 2: Design:

Taking the information gathered from the brain dump, we create a wire-frame of the website. This intricate map allows us to see how all content is connected, along with showing us its behavior.

The next step is a mock-up of the website. We take the thoughts from our brain dump and bring them to life. We create a template for the home page, the landing pages and other elements – showing what the website will look like. Having a mock-up made of the website is a website saver, as it answers questions on how things will look. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we find that to be absolutely true.

When it comes to designing a website, it’s important for everyone involved to be on the same page. To know the starting point, the build out, and the final result.

Website Design Process - Design

Step 3: Develop:

By this stage of the process, we understand the components of the website, what the project will entail and the level of investment that will be needed. The quote we provide will be itemized. We will includes dates of completion and what to expect by choosing SiteHatchery.com for your website development needs. Once we get the formalities out of the way, we are ready to break ground!

Using the wire-frame as a blueprint, our team of developers put together the foundation of the website. We put the structural pieces in place and the website starts to comes to life.

In each phase of the building process, we are in constant communication about our progress to ensure the website build exceeds the expectations of our business partners. It’s better to catch changes early.

Website Design Process - Development

Step 4: Testing:

Before any website goes live. We setup all websites on a secure sandbox. Meaning, we host the website on a secure server, hidden from the world. Its inside the sandbox where our development team creates custom PHP, CSS and JavaScript programming for open source CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento and Drupal.

To sum it up, the sandbox is where all the features, content and formatting is made to the website. This stage of the process is to work out the kinks with the website and ensure the website performs as it should.

Like any project, the issues lie in the details. To catch mistakes, we test the features we develop. We scour the pages looking for formatting tweaks, content corrections and any other little issues that may surface. To help with the search, we incorporate our business partners into the sandbox asking them to police the website and look for anything that stands out. We want to make sure the website displays as it should; with all features operating as expected.

Website Design Process - Testing

Step 5: Launch:

All the pieces of the puzzle are in place, the website looks and feels like it should. It’s time to debut the website to the world.

The final version of the website is published to the live web servers using version control with elastic cloud web server support for high-traffic requirements.

We keep multiple backup copies of the database and code for restoration purposes. SiteHatchery will also manage configuration for the SSL/TLS certificates (HTTPS encryption) for hosted websites.

Website Design Process - Launch

Step 6: Support:

With the site launched, our journey is far from over. Just like a newborn, we went through months of development and finally, we now have a website that is launched and it needs guidance and nurturing.

Security measures will be implemented, to help make the website become stronger and more impenetrable. Pages will be refined, dialing in the niche of your website. Exposure will be focused on, to make sure the website is ranking accurately for specific search terms. New features will be added, to meet the needs of your audience.

All websites start at the same point, but few find themselves where they hope to be. Our team of seasoned developers can put the proper processes in place, see each website grows in the direction expected.

Let us help. With SiteHatchery, we provide integrated web security and maintenance for the websites in production, applying updates & patches to the CMS code. Our maintenance packages include daily offsite backups, real-time packet scanning, reverse-proxy load balancing, and monthly web traffic reports.

Our service applies to all websites. Even if it was made by another developer from another company, that’s okay. We can implement our services to any existing website and help it mature into the website you want it to be.

Website Design Process - Support