Monthly WordPress Security Checks

Secure Your Website. Prevent Hacking And Protect Against Plugin Vulnerabilities.

Secure Your Website. Prevent Hacking And Protect Against Plugin Vulnerabilities.

There are a lot of good security measures offered to help protect against intruders. But the truth is, for every security measure put into place, someone is looking to get around it. The best line of defense is to search for the vulnerable areas of your business, before someone else does. This is where our Monthly WordPress Security Check comes into play.

Focusing on the areas commonly targeted, we put the proper security measures in place to protect your business against digital intruders. Protect yourself and your customers.

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Website Security Features

Plugin Reliability

Review of plugins and their reliability

Safeguard Identity

Remove sensitive information being shared

URL Change

Change the URL for login screen

2-Step Authorization

2-step identification system for login

Login Lockouts

Lockout system for failed login attempts

Alternate Login

Use your email in lieu of username

Phishing Protection

Counter user-ID phishing

Hide WP Version

Removal of WordPress version number

Protect Your Data and Prevent Information Leakage

Protection Against

The most common ways to get into a website are through the most unlikely of areas. This is where our team of professionals spend their time. Breaches can occur from a variety of different areas, from plugins, updates, password cracking, and those are just a few. By using our Monthly Website Security Check Service, you are taking precaution against threats. Threats like:

Admin login.

Entry access through the standard WordPress admin login page. This is a common target, intruders know to access the admin section of a WordPress website is through the /wp-admin extension.


Generic password cracking. Today, passwords need to be unique and complicated. Attackers use the most common type of password formats to gain access to a website. Using the same password across many accounts is a bad idea. With a unique password for your website and a two-step authorization, you can make it harder for intruders to get their foot in the door.


Unverified Plugins. You don’t know what security measures the plugin has in place. If unprotected, access to your website is free and clear. Make sure you know the company you are working with and their plugins are secure.

Outdated Versions

Old WordPress and Theme versions. You may scratch your head and wonder, but how can updating WordPress or my Theme protect me? Intruders search for vulnerabilities. By continually updating WordPress or your Theme, you are putting the latest patches, fixes and security measures in place. Using old versions leave you exposed, let’s resolve that.

Shared Files

Information leakage. Information about your website is shared with browsers. This information could contain sensitive information, which could be used by attackers to gain access to your systems. A review of the shared files, ensuring no information is a threat to security, will provide protection from intruders.

Comment Spamming

Link farming. There’s a right way, and a wrong way. Non-business related soliciting through the comments box of a post or review, is not the way to do it. We will put a stop it by removing the URL field from the comment box, preventing spammers from back linking to their website.

Provide a Safe Environment

A pleasurable experience for all

By having the proper security measures in place, you are setting the stage for success. It’s important for visitors to know the data collected by your website stays protected. It’s a priority for them and who they do business with.

Protecting your visitors and their sensitive information plays a major role within the User Experience (UX). If a guest knows they are safe when doing business with you, the trust factor will rise and they will share the experience with others, becoming a testimony to the services of your website, strengthening your brand image. These same advocates will also be open to knowing more about your company and growing a stronger partnership by utilizing other services your company offers.

Creating a safe environment for your customers will increase the user experience and brand identity as a reliable and trustworthy source.

Scheduled Testing

Continuous monitoring of your website

Business days just fly by, especially during the peak periods. Ideally, it would be great to allocate time to sit down and look for possible security issues. But the truth is, very few companies have the time available. makes the time. Our team will gladly sit down and go through your website.

Each month our team will use a list of checks and balances, protecting your business from unsuspected disasters. will ensure that your website is up to date, monitor server behavior and look for irregularities that may cause you to be exposed to harm. Finding and fixing bugs is what we do.

Our Monthly WordPress Security Check service will put you at rest and allow you to focus on other aspects of the business, while we focus on the protection.