When you log into your online bank account, you’re interacting with an interface that a software developer created. Your GMail or Hotmail email account was created by teams of software developers who specialize in creating web-based environments and coding logic designed for the Internet.  When you book your travel plans online, you’re seeing the breadcrumbs of a  back end web guru.  You know… the silent heroes. That’s the kind of stuff we do.

We’ve built loads of software solutions for small businesses and government agencies. We’ve done things like created integrated software for managing  local transportation agency project funding, built reporting and geo-mapping for the water flow in canals, coded weather apps and weather widget builders, and developed vacation rental management software with client website integration. Basically, we can do anything that involves a plan, a computer, a big brain, and working fingers.

Does your business have a special software need? Is your website up to date with the latest database, programming language, and cloud hosting standards? Or are you maintaining legacy website code with no mobile support, dominated by static content and low search engine results? Most small businesses still need to modernize their web presence, develop dynamic online content with social media integration, and build secure eCommerce support across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, but lack the skilled programming talent.  Is there’s something really awesome and innovative that you’ve wanted to create on the web, but don’t know where to turn? Our software development team is available to build custom software applications, branded for small businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, with the latest innovations in cloud technology.  Let us help you realize your dream.

When you choose Sitehatchery, you’re not locked into one decision for the life of your website. We write code in such a way that it’s easy to expand as your business grows. Your site can change constantly according to your needs. Our dynamic web development toolbox includes the ability to custom-build a website to serve virtually any need, from multimedia to business applications. Here are just a few of the software development services we offer:

  • Web Development
  • Business applications such as portals, forums, and administrative interfaces
  • Custom-build you an online eCommerce store, or add a familiar shopping cart system such as Magento, ZenCart, or osCommerce
  • Software project management
  • Custom plugin or module development
  • Multimedia solutions such as photo galleries, slideshows, and video.
  • Some of the technologies we use: PHP, .NET, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, and XML.

If you require a web application for your small business, we’d love to meet with you in person or virtually to discuss your software application development plans and project budget.

A few noteworthy software projects...