Website Design Project for
Irlen Visions

Project Overview

Irlen Visions is a company in Chico, CA that helps people deal with the experiencing the effects of a perception problem called Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity. They are able to diagnose the syndrome through screening, and provide a solution of spectral lenses that help to mitigate those effects.

The website we designed gives users a path to identify common symptoms and even provide a self-screening checklist. Taking it a step farther, we wanted to help provide hope to the people dealing with these problems by showcasing how these filters have helped others with this very challenge.

At the heart of the website is empathy–specifically for people who struggle with reading because of Irlen syndrome. Color is the key factor in helping deal with these side effects. So we chose to tactfully incorporate the concept into the design. Users are able to select different background colors that apply throughout the website. While this is not a clinical solution, it serves to demonstrate the concept and show empathy to people who need them. Even the font that was selected was chosen because it’s letterforms are easier to read for someone who has Irlen syndrome.

Together, this creates an experience that gives someone hope. Whether it’s for them or a loved one, they have are able to see how Irlen Visions might be able to help.

Technologies Used

  • Web Design
Irlen Visions