Geometrix Surveying Engineering Inc.

Website Design Project for
Geometrix Surveying Engineering Inc.

Project Overview

We met Geometrix Surveying Engineering Inc. back in 2010. When it comes to land surveying, they offer professional services which cater to the San Francisco Bay Area. With a website already created, the team at Geometrix Surveying Engineering wanted something new. They reached out to us at asking if we could help build a website that would showcase their services. As time progressed, our relationship grew and so did the website. During our time as partners we have optimized the website for responsiveness and refined the layout.

Technologies Used

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile
  • WordPress
Geometrix Surveying Engineering Inc.

Impact on Business

Our friends at Geometrix Surveying Engineering are committed to quality and timeliness. Which is the same direction they wanted to go with their website. The menu structure created is easy to use and information about their company, services and past projects are simple to find. The website we designed showcases Geometrix Surveying Engineering’s services and include testimonials about the services performed.

The website would operates as a portfolio for their business highlighting the knowledge and expertise Geometrix Surveying Engineering has when it comes to Commercial and Residential projects. Guests who visit the website know what to expect when they choose Geometrix Surveying Engineering to have their land surveyed.

Geometrix Surveying Engineering Specialty Icons.

Thinking Outside the Box

When we developed the website back in 2010, we left room for growth. Website technology is continually advancing and when we designed Geometrix Surveying Engineering, we kept that in mind. Using a custom layout which is clean and powerful, our templates we design are flexible and fully customizable.

When the website originally launched in 2010, the website was highly informative and showcased the services of Geometrix Survey Engineering extremely well. However, as time progressed, the need for a responsive website was necessary. People were visiting the website on their phone and if a website is not optimized for a social experience, people will leave.

Fortunately, the website template we created is easy to work with. Our development team was able to optimize to be responsive without the site having to go down.

Geometrix Surveying Engineering Services.

“Websites need to be flexible and customizable.”

Project Management Techniques

In any project, it’s critical to have a game-plan. Just like building a house, our design team will create blue print specific to your business needs.

This is where we strive to separate ourselves from traditional website developers. We care about the final result and it’s important to us to have a clear picture of your dream house. To achieve this result, we have come up with a simple strategy. From start to finish, we will go through a series of questions. We check for form and function to ensure proper operation. We design and style so elements are appear as expected. With each step, we work with our partners and seek approval. There are no hidden surprises when you get the keys to your new place. Together, we stay connected through each step of the process.

Geometrix Survey Engineering Website Design Cycle.