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Lavender Ranch

Project Overview

Located in Northern California, Lavender Ranch grows and produces their own lavender products. These products are natural and promote healthy lifestyles. With lavender, shoppers can find an assortment of spices for culinary creation. Along with organic skin care such as lotions, essence oils, soaps and other beauty products. Lavender Ranch seeks to offer consumer produce that are safe and friendly to the environment.

Our partnership together consisted of developing a responsive eCommerce platform to highlight their product line. The shopping experience had to be informative for guests. The products needed a feature rich landing page filled with images, descriptions, related products and suggestive add-ons. Our team designed stunning products feeds which are easily customizable by using filters.

The website was also designed to be responsive. Guests would be able to access the website from mobile devices as well as PC. The shopping experience was simple for either application. As a guest who is purchasing on the website could rest assured knowing their personal information was protected. We included a secure checkout process to ensure buyer protection was guaranteed.

The site is secure, responsive and quick to operate. These are the main ingredients for any successful site. On the back-end, we setup the website to be easy to edit using WordPress and Woocommerce. Products can easily be added, as well as articles and pages. The team at Lavender Ranch received a well rounded eCommerce website. It’s great for their business lifestyle and easy to manage. For the users who visit the site, it’s balanced and offers a great shopping experience.

Technologies Used

  • Web Design
  • Mobile
  • WordPress
  • Ecommerce
Lavender Ranch

Impact on Business

Living an all-natural lifestyle is growing rapidly. Consumers are more aware of what they are purchasing and how it affects them, as well as the environment. Shoppers today are becoming keenly aware of the importance of organic goods. They are researching and looking for safe alternatives which promote healthy living. Lavender Ranch and their website does just that.

As we designed an eCommerce platform which showcased the Lavender Ranch product line. There was also an element of knowledge about lavender and that various natural ways it could be used for spices, cleaning, deodorizing, healing and more. Marrying knowledge and shopping together, the website for Lavender Ranch serves as an informational gateway.

Using WooCommerce as a solution for the eCommerce platform, we knew our client would have a solid shopping cart system that could grow with them. WooCommerce, in its natural form, is simple and easy to use, filled with necessary features a shopping cart system needs. Using WooCommerce as the foundation, we created a layout designed to be informative, responsive and alluring. Products are easy to add to the website, easy to edit, and easy to control. We designed stunning landing pages that were simple to shop with. The products added to the website are fed to custom product feeds planted throughout the website. Visitors can find what they are looking for, add them to the cart, checkout and rest assured their information is safe and secured.

Lavender Ranch Specialty Icons.

Thinking Outside the Box

Selling on-line is common and is part of our every day life. People shop for food, clothes, insurance, rentals and so much more. With the active growth of shopping online, consumers expect the shopping experience to be simple, effective and full of service.

With the design of the Lavender Ranch website, we geared our attention towards meeting those needs.

Site Speed

The content has to load fast. The faster a page can display its content, the more people will stay on it and look around. We create code and then we comb through it, consolidating as much as we can to produce a lean viable solution.


Websites and their pages need to have a “wow” factor. If your not impressed, then neither are your visitors. Web pages should captivate your audience. They should include great descriptions, reviews, image galleries, posts and videos. The website should easily adjust to window size, accommodate other pages and be simple to navigate.


It’s sad to say, but data breaches are part of the online experience. With eCommerce websites as a target, we design our sites to be secure. We manage SSL certificates, firewalls, and implement special practices to proactively fight against website data breaches.


There are always new techniques, improvements and innovative ways to design a website. Websites can be expensive to create. That is why each website we design is made to be built upon. As the shopping experience evolves, so can your website.

Lavender Ranch Products.

“Ecommerce sites need to load quick, perform and create a Wow factor.”

Project Management Techniques

In any project, it’s critical to have a game-plan. Like a house, our design team will create blue print specific to your business needs.

This is where we strive to separate ourselves from traditional website developers. We care about the final result and it’s important to us to have a clear picture of your dream house. To achieve this result, we have come up with a simple strategy. From start to finish, we will go through a series of questions. We check for form and function to ensure proper operation. We design and style so elements are appear as expected. With each step, we work with our partners and seek approval. There are no hidden surprises when you get the keys to your new place. Together, we stay connected through each step of the process.

Website Development Cycle - Lavender Ranch