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RSC Associates, Inc

Project Overview

RSC Associates is a property management firm in Chico, Northern California. They have served for the industry for over 30 years. RSC Associates oversees 1 million+ square feet of commercial property. They also oversee 950+ residential units.

RSC Associates selected to create a custom property listing solution. The goal, to allow users to signup and present their properties on RSC Associates website. The listings needed to be easy to create. Users could add their property information, along with images and more, to showcase.

The listings on RSC Associates website had to be responsive and mobile friendly. Our development team had the answer. Our design team put together a solution that served many solutions. The website was easy to manage from the admin level. The second, it was interactive and easy to use for guests. And the third, partners who wanted to list their property on RSC Associates website could do so with ease.

Technologies Used

  • Web Design
  • Mobile
RSC Associates, Inc

Impact on Business

Property rental websites are growing in popularity. With the access and ease of online payments, transactions can occur from any device. Consumers can send and receive funds using apps. They can also list properties for anything, as the demand is there. Renting out personal property is a profitable venture. People rent out their homes, cars, RV’s, even their personal equipment.

RSC Associates offers residential and commercial property listings. With the climate changing in the rental market, we designed a website to meet the needs of the industry.

For the user, the website featured a simple sign-up process. Guests who create an account have total control. They handle the membership forms and payment information. After they become a member, adding rental properties are simple. They can include features, descriptions, pricing and much more. Members have full control of their listings.

For the team at RSC Associates, we developed a robust rental management system. On the back-end, RSC Associates can track and manage their property listings. The automated features with signups allow for more time. Time spent with customers and time spent with website development. Content is fully-accessible and customizable, which allows RSC Associates freedom. They can add, edit or customize the experience their guests have.

With the new property rental setup. Memberships have increased while employee count has stayed the same. Same company size – more revenue. Always a good impact to have.

RSC Associates Specialty Icons.

Thinking Outside the Box

Websites with property rental listings are growing. Websites need to be simple to join, easy to manage and full of features to promote property listings.

Meeting those results are what we specialize in. Your website is an extension of your business. Today, users expect websites to perform. Websites need to meet their lifestyle and need to be value added. Websites also need to be active. They need to evolve with the times and our developers stay ahead of the curve.

Our team of developers make complex scenarios – simple. Solutions should benefit your audience and complement your business. Our ideology for website is they should be stunning and “easy to digest.”

Websites designed by gain visitor confidence. Guests share the experience with others and traffic to your website will increase. The result, higher productivity, more revenue and an active website.

RSC Associates Property Listings.

“Rental management solutions need to include easy to use features.”

RSC Associates, Inc

Project Management Techniques

In any project, it’s critical to have a game-plan. Like a house, our design team will create blue print specific to your business needs.

This is where we strive to separate ourselves from traditional website developers. We care about the final result and it’s important to us to have a clear picture of your dream house. To achieve this result, we have come up with a simple strategy. From start to finish, we will go through a series of questions. We check for form and function to ensure proper operation. We design and style so elements are appear as expected. With each step, we work with our partners and seek approval. There are no hidden surprises when you get the keys to your new place. Together, we stay connected through each step of the process.

Website Development Cycle - RSC Associates