Website Design Project for
Society for California Archaeology

Project Overview

The Society for California Archaeology, or SCA, is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to research, understanding, interpretation and conservation of the heritage of California and the regions that surround and pertain to it. They have many facets to their organization from members, volunteers, publications, and regular updates.

SiteHatchery developed a website that serves as the hub for all aspects of SCA. The biggest challenge to accomplish is navigation. There are a very large number of pages and complicated user maps for getting people where they need to go. The approach we took used a visual hierarchy and logical organization to make the most important actions the most visible while making less important actions less prominent (although still accessible).
Whether the user is looking for a journal entry, latest news, or how to become a new member, the organized navigation will get them there with ease.

Technologies Used

  • Web Design
  • Mobile
  • WordPress
Society for California Archaeology