Improve Security with an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate scrambles the data that flows between your website and the web server. This keeps the bad guys from doing anything useful with the data that’s in transit.


Protect your business with a SSL Certificate, your visitors will thank you for it.

Necessary protection your business can’t go without

If you do not have an SSL certificate, most browsers are telling your customers that your website is insecure.

Google and Firefox do just that. They really don’t care if there’s nothing to lock down, to them – your site is insecure. By displaying a notification within the browser, some visitors will be scared from the message and regrettably, leave your website. You really don’t want that!

Encrypt Shopper Information

Having a SSL Certificate on your website will gain visitor trust and assurance.

Rank Higher in the Search Results

Browsers support websites that are secure

Having a secure website actually helps your website perform better in the Search Engine Result Pages. Google gives secure websites a little bump, making it slightly easier for people to find your website when people search.

Note: This price is for a Domain Validation (DV) certificate. If you would like an Organization Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) certificate, please inquire.