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Bohn Armor

Project Overview

Bohn Armor offers an array of motorcycle armor products. You can find the latest riding gear and armor based accessories on their website. Bohn Armor offers riding shirts and pants that are comfortable to wear under you clothes. The riding gear comes in three different options, perfect for any type of weather. Designed for men and women, Bohn Armor is sleek, stylish and safe.

Bohn Armor selected to design a responsive eCommerce website. Our team of developers set out to design a modern platform to showcase the Bohn Armor product line. The eCommerce website had to be feature-rich using WooCommerce as the backbone. The website also needed to feature its blog articles. Using WordPress and its available plugins, we were able to do that. We combined the informative nature of a traditional blog with a focus on Bohn Armor’s brand.

Shopping is easier with Bohn Armor, thanks to our custom tailored plugin solutions. Shoppers can rest assured with confidence when it comes to making online purchases. Their experience is safe, secure and memorable. Utilizing WordPress as a Content Management System, Bohn Armor is easy to manage. Administrators can edit widgets, add products, manage inventory, adjust shipping, and generate reports. Bohn Armor controls the tools they need to help them understand and grow their business.

Bohn Armor’s warehouse is in Mooresville, NC. They delivers their products to the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Technologies Used

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile
  • WordPress
  • Ecommerce
  • SEO Optimization
Bohn Armor

Impact on Business

The business once manged five different websites, each having a similar emphasis. Our focus was to consolidated these websites, making one website that could do it all. With the development of one major website, we had another area to tackle. Bohn Armor had SEO, marketing, and magazine ad budgets tied into different identities. Reviewing the revenue traffic generated from these individual campaigns, we shifted the resources. Instead of many website campaigns, we centralized the campaigns to one identity. All marketing, digital media, brochure ads, and SEO is now done only for The result was not only a streamlined process, but a much higher return on their investment.

The next step was the website. We developed Bohn Armor to be user friendly. Admins could manage the website with easy, while visitors could shop in comfort. Content became easier to add to the website. Orders were manageable and clear. Customers gain confidence while shopping. The result, stronger business relationships and memorable experiences. With the new website design and advertising stratgey, the company has saved money. Bohn Armor is able to operate on a leaner budget with fewer employees – a goal that every business has.

At this current time, we are improving the navigation structure. We are also creating topic clusters for better SEO performance. We expect this coming year to involve a huge revenue increase over prior years

Bohn Armor Icons.

Style and Safety

Just like our friends at Bohn Armor who offer a stylish product which is designed to save the lives of riders. We have the same passion to offer a stunning web design which is safe for people to use. Websites are constantly under the threat of an attack. Shopping online, consumers need to know they can shop with a business they trust. Their personal information needs to be safely stored while payment information is encrypted and locked away where no one can find it. Having a website that sells products online is a huge responsibility. Our team of developers are proactively seeking ways to safeguard our websites to ensure consumer confidence.

Bohn Armor

Project Management Techniques

In any project, it’s critical to have a game-plan. Like a house, our design team will create blue print specific to your business needs.

This is where we strive to separate ourselves from traditional website developers. We care about the final result and it’s important to us to have a clear picture of your dream house. To achieve this result, we have come up with a simple strategy. From start to finish, we will go through a series of questions. We check for form and function to ensure proper operation. We design and style so elements are appear as expected. With each step, we work with our partners and seek approval. There are no hidden surprises when you get the keys to your new place. Together, we stay connected through each step of the process.

Website Development Cycle - Bohn Armor