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    I love this…. hilarious. Here’s a Craigslist job posting for a Graphic Designer:

    Looking for a Graphic Designer proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Must have awesome computer skills
    Must be friendly and carry a positive attitude
    Must have reliable transportation
    Must be a team player
    Must have good communication skills
    Must have some work experience

    Part Time gig in 4 hour shifts. 1-2 days a week to start.
    Send resume and max 4 samples of work, 2 vector and 2 photoshop.
    No calls, no walk-ins, no bribery… well maybe a little.

    Compensation: $8 per hour

    Hey dude, this is minimum wage!

    To add to the hilarity, here’s a response:

    R U Freaking serious. $8 an hour and must be profitiant? Hire a stay at home mom to design your sh*t cheap skate or close your doors!!

    And another:

    I was thinking the same thing, getting paid $8 an hour with my bachelors woooo! I would rather pick up trash on the highway for free, at least I would feel accomplished! I see high school drop outs making at least $10 on labor jobs.

    And finally:

    Yea i Third that…. 8$ an hour is less then i made when i first started graphic designing @ the age of 15. maybe bump it up to at leased 10-15 and people will *maybe* consider the job.

    Oh, that’s fun. The moral of the story? You get what you pay for. Don’t think you’ll get professional-quality design work for minimum wage. At least don’t bring it up in the presence of a skilled designer. A slap in the face would be more bearable.

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