As a company, SiteHatchery views itself as students first. Always studying. Our team keeps their thumb on the pulse, learning the latest design trends. Researching improved or innovative development techniques. Pressing the envelope to create, test and refine cutting edge programming. From each piece of software developed in house, to scratch built website themes. We aim for powerful driven websites filled with feature rich support features. Our developers share these goals with useful business advice; designed to perform. We are always looking for the right ingredients to build successful websites. The strongest asset to a well built website is adapting and overcoming. Here, we share we have learned along the way. Business advice which has helped us n the website design industry.

Why Backing Up Your Website Is Important: Best Practices by Developers

Building a website can be tedious and eventful. For months, developers can easily invest countless hours each day creating a website which includes engaging and colorful landing pages, helpful blog articles that offer solutions, carefully reviewed plugins which are resourceful in aiding with your website’s mission – all with the mindset of developing a website

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Tip: Regularly Review Your Website for Viruses

In this post, I will examine how to review and scan code regularly to help prevent security breaches and viruses. The largest and most advanced internet security breaches in history have happened in the last few years. Take, for example, an admission by Yahoo! that data from every one of it’s 3 billion user accounts had

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10 Ways to Determine the Quality of a WordPress Plugin

In this post, I’m going to expose our secret methods for choosing the most-secure and bug-free WordPress plugins. WordPress is a fantastic website management tool. It’s the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, used on a whopping 30.7% of websites (W3Techs).  This is an impressive number of websites! The next runner up

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Site Hatchery Cyber Security

Cyber Crimes Decrease with SiteHatchery’s Security Service

Creative website solution provider expands their business in website security service. Chico, California – April, 2018, a web solution which provides web-hosting, web-design and other valuable business solutions in Northern California, announced it will add WordPress Website Security service to its list of service offers. The organization, a small web design and development company,

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