WordPress Performance Tuning

Website speed is a critical element when it comes to user experience. Studies show users want web pages to load fast, within two second or less. For pages that don’t, they get no attention and the user will gladly click the back button and look somewhere else. This is why page load time plays a major role when it comes to abandonment. Users want an immediate solution and have little patience to sit around and wait for a website to load. If your page is loads slow, people will look elsewhere. This is where WordPress Performance Tuning comes into play.

On the outside, your website could be stunning and informative. However, on the inside, there could be elements preventing your website to run at its optimal performance. By cracking into the heart of your website, we scour for elements that negatively impact your page performance. We replace those areas with alternatives, edits and fixes, making your website run like a well oiled machine. Let me rephrase that, “A FAST well oiled machine.

47% of Internet Users

Expect a page to load under 2 seconds

Between the Cracks

Areas that can easily affect your performance

Web Hosting

Your website speed can be hurt if your web hosting server is not properly configured. Our servers are setup for performance, ask us about hosting.

WordPress Configuration

Images can overload your server if your WordPress site is not serving cached images. The website will run slow or even be prone to crash.

Wordpress performance tuning
Page Size

Images are common area of concern. The file size of an image is based on size and quality which can negatively impact page speed.

Bad Plugins

Plugins are helpful, but if a plugin is poorly written (coded) the plugin can slow down your website significantly, reducing performance.

External Scripts

Running external scripts like ads and front loaders can impact page speed and the effects can be huge on performance.

Delays in Page Loads Create:

Lower Conversions, Lower Page Views and Lower Customer Satisfaction

Small Changes Can Make Big Impacts


When we talk about the financial loss due to page performance, it’s hard to fathom what the quantitative amount of that loss could look like. Did you know that 1 second can equate to a 7% loss in conversions. If you look at the situation from that perspective, gaining 1 second in your page load time could add thousands to your revenue stream. This is why developers pay close attention to the performance of a website, looking for areas of improvement. Saving a few Milli-seconds here and a few there may not seem like much, but as a collective whole, the saving makes an impact financially.

Increasing the speed of your website increases conversions, page views, customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue.

Start Saving Seconds

Optimize for Speed and User Experience = Success

Performance Driven


Building for speed is just half of the formula, the other half involves functionality. Having the fastest loading page in the industry doesn’t mean anything if visitors don’t like the content and the way your website functions. Creating a page that loads quickly, while meeting the expectations of the visitor is what we focus on. Whether it’s videos, blogs, forums, eCommerce, rental vacations, a directory or any other style of business. Our team will work on creating a solution that caters to your customers, your business and to browsers.

























Ready for Performance?


$150 per Tuning

Our team of developers will tune your website to deliver a quicker response which will increase performance and visitor expectations. Keep in mind that as your website grows and evolves, additional website performance tuning is suggested. The difference of a second can make a big difference when it comes to revenue, not to mention page views and customer experience. If you would like to know more about our program, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us and let us know your questions.