WordPress Service Bundle

You want to be successful at developing a robust online business. You’ve invested a lot of money and want to protect your investment and fortify your hope for financial freedom. With the right tools, consistent attention and improvement, and experienced professionals to help you, you can do it. We’ve developed the WordPress Service Bundle with this in mind. The WordPress Service Bundle was engineered for the ultimate WordPress website upkeep and performance. Here’s what is included:

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Our team of professionals will make sure that your website is performing optimally and is meeting the needs of today’s internet visitors. Your online business will get the regular attention it needs. You’ll receive custom reports each month, along with helpful suggestions for maximizing traffic potential and conversions. We will safeguard your investment from unwanted guests by keeping your website up-to-date, performance-tuned, and current with the latest protection from security threats. Our service bundle is the total package.

Bundle & Save
Get More and Spend Less

Bundle and save with all services in one convenient service bundle package. We focus on making business easy.


Custom Monthly Website Reports and Analytics


SSL Certificate Application and Renewal


WordPress Platform Updates and Maintenance


Monthly WordPress Security Checks


WordPress Performance Tuning


WordPress Daily Remote Backups

Monthly Service Bundle

Custom Monthly Reporting
Keep your thumb on the pulse

Each month we comb through data pertaining to your business. We grab the information which is important and generate a personalized and tailored report, focusing on the areas of business that mean most to your company. Each business looks for different statistics based on their goals. We simplify the process by preparing and sending pertinent information in an easy to read report, speeding up the process to evaluate your business and make proper decisions.

SSL Certificates
Assurance and Security

With recent changes in digital browsing, websites are pushed to have an SSL Certificate. For businesses that don’t, their website will be penalized within the Search Results, pushing their business below the competition which offer comparable products and/or information. Keep your rank position strong and get our SSL Certificate.

WordPress Platform Updates
Maintained and Secure

Keeping current with updates is critical for your website. Updates patch previous coding hurdles and tighten up the security of your WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Applying updates are not always smooth sailing though, sometimes running an update can cause conflicts with your plugins and custom coding. Our internal process will not only update your website, but also walk through the conflicts the update may cause, fixing the issues immediately and keep your business operating smoothly.

WordPress Security
Protection Against Intruders

There are a lot of good security measures offered to help protect against intruders. But the truth is, for every security measure put into place, someone is looking to get around it. The best line of defense is to search for the vulnerable areas of your business, before someone else does. This is where our Monthly WordPress Security Check comes into play. Focusing on the areas commonly targeted, we put the proper security measures in place to protect your business against digital intruders. Protect yourself and your customers.

WordPress Tuning
Dialing in for Performance

On the outside, your website could be stunning and informative. However, on the inside, there could be elements preventing your website to run at its optimal performance. By cracking into the heart of your website, we scour for elements that negatively impact your page performance. We replace those areas with alternatives, edits and fixes, making your website run like a well oiled machine. Let me rephrase that, “A FAST well oiled machine.

WordPress Backups
Preventative Measures

A website without a recovery strategy is asking for trouble. Don’t take unnecessary risk. The impact can lead to revenue loss, information loss and even customer loss. Having a protection plan in place is seldom considered. The truth is, building a business and putting systems in place get all the attention. Safeguarding your website from possible data loss is hardly a pressing topic. It’s rare a situation and hardly happens. Yet, when it does, having a recovery plan in place can save the day. Introducing: The Daily Remote WordPress Backup, the recovery solution.