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Search Engine Optimization

SiteHatchery is proud to offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. We know the ethical tricks and techniques that make search engines such as Google “happy” and bring traffic (and dollars) your way.

Our clients commonly rank high in search engine results. We do the keyword research as well as metatag, title tag, and other coding that complements your good content so your site is poised to position well. We can assist you in combining this optimization with pay per click (PPC) campaigns, which ultimately lowers your advertising costs because it is so highly targeted.

We can also help you identify your target audience and customize SEO techniques to reach them.

Once we have developed your online identity, the primary objective will be to get your web users in front of your product, service, or resource. We often liken posting a website on the Internet to throwing a big party in the middle of the ocean. It may be the grandest of all parties, but it can only be appreciated if people attend it. Getting people there will take some time and persistence from both of us—your long-term success depends on it.

You can have a beautiful, compelling website, but if potential customers and readers can’t find it, your site can’t do you or your wallet much good. SEO is a vital tool in the toolbox of any business website.