When it comes to building a website, it’s more than just a task – it’s an investment that represents the brand identity of a business, both locally and internationally. Since your web presence is the online representation of your company, you need a striking, credible, well-organized, and easy to navigate front-end that knocks the socks off of your customers. You want them to say of you, “I’d really like to do business with this company.” That’s the kind of site we want to create for you.

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Who is SiteHatchery?

SiteHatchery has been developing software and websites for customers since 2005. The company started with a desire to improve businesses with the development software and websites. While this core vision hasn’t changed, we’ve spent more than a dozen years improving the quality of our production, processes and expertise, as well as increasing the number of services designed to support online businesses.

Our primary areas of focus are: website design and development and website maintenance services.

What do websites cost?

As every website and project is different, pricing can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It all comes down to what you need the website to do, the design requirements, and how much work and time will be involved with developing it. You may also have post-development maintenance or marketing needs. Our first steps will be to have a discovery meeting and to develop a project scope. Once we have a solid idea of what will be involved, we can provide a quote for you.

What is your web development process?

1. Planning
2. Design
3. Development
4. Testing
5. Launch
6. Support

Learn more about our website development process by visiting our website design process overview page Click