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5 Ways to Create Content & Bring Traffic to Your Website

You know the old adage that applies to real estate: location, location, location? Well, when it comes to websites the money-making rule is content, content, content. Here are “5 Ways to Get Content and Bring Traffic to Your Website.”

In the realm of website development, content encompasses a wide array of elements, including blog posts, articles, graphics, photo galleries, and interactive forms. It’s the lifeblood of your website, driving engagement and attracting visitors. The key is to ensure that your content is not only plentiful but also of high quality and unique to your site.

Originality is paramount, particularly in the realm of search engine optimization. Platforms like Google penalize websites with duplicate content, diminishing their visibility in search results. To maintain a favorable ranking, it’s crucial to steer clear of duplicative material. Thankfully, with advancements in technologies like ChatGPT for content generation and image rendering, creating original and compelling content has never been easier!

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You wouldn’t want to offer your site’s visitors redundant, useless content anyway. Additionally, be sure to avoid placing the same content (even your own) on more than one page or location on your site. Even though your intent is not malicious, your site will still be penalized, unless you devise a Google-approved workaround such as specifying canonical links or setting a preferred domain.

So, where are you going to get this great content? It won’t write itself. But with a little investment of time or money, you can create or commission content that will both add to your site’s usability and increase traffic.

1. Look at what you have

You may already have content available without even realizing its potential value in terms of web development. Check your personal or company “archives.” Maybe you wrote a how-to book back in the early ’90s. Or you might find some brochures, worksheets or guidebooks that you never got around to putting online. Just because you’ve found content that can be recycled doesn’t mean it’s outdated. As long as it’s relevant, you’re being resourceful – and attracting site visitors — by putting it online.

2. Hire a writer

If crafting compelling copy isn’t your forte or you simply lack the time, consider enlisting the expertise of a professional writer. Platforms like Elance offer a convenient avenue to connect with experienced copywriters, journalists, and wordsmiths who can bring your vision to life. Alternatively, you can leverage tools like ChatGPT or enlist the services of companies like SiteHatchery to generate copy for your website, ads, and more.

These professionals are adept at ghostwriting under your name, providing ongoing blog post services, and tailoring their work to meet your specific needs. Effective communication is key to ensuring optimal results from the get-go. Additionally, if you require visuals such as photos, videos, or graphics, platforms like iStock or other stock photo agencies can fulfill your requirements. Your web design company or programmer may also be able to recommend talented photographers or graphic designers.

Contrary to common belief, hiring a local writer or photographer can often be more cost-effective than anticipated, offering excellent value for your investment.

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3. Crowdsourcing

With the advent of social media and the interactive nature of the Internet, there are plenty of people who are willing and eager to contribute to online projects in exchange for products, as part of a contest or just for fun. Testimonials, reader-submitted photos and guest blog posts by someone in a field that complements yours are all potential sources of free content. In the case of a guest writer, it’s a win-win because they’re getting exposure and a link just by appearing on your blog. You could also, with attribution to the author, post articles you find offered for free or by paying a syndication fee to services such as Associated Content and Ezine Articles, but of course they won’t be unique to your site.

4. Public domain

There are many thousands of books and other materials that have fallen into the public domain and can be republished online for free by virtually anyone. The trouble is, the online offerings are pretty picked over and you don’t want to put up the same old stuff everyone else has. You might want to try doing a little legwork at a library, used bookstore or even an antique store. In many cases, if the copyright is old enough, it’s fair game. Otherwise, see if you can track down the author or publisher and buy the right to license the material – or even work out a revenue-sharing deal.

5. Write it yourself

I know; you don’t have time. Who does? But, especially if you’re just starting out with a blog or online presence, it’s an affordable way to get started while shaping the tone and feel of your site or blog. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of writing experience. Just picture your target audience and write how you speak. Be conversational, descriptive, and helpful. Keep your keywords in mind, but you’ll usually find that they flow naturally as you write. If you’re worried about grammar or readability, you can always hire an editor or proofreader, or ask a friend or colleague, to give your copy a once-over.

6. Create Better Images

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technologies such as MidJourney and Chat GPT can revolutionize the way you create images for your website and advertising endeavors. These advanced platforms utilize sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities to generate high-quality and unique visuals tailored to your specific needs.

With MidJourney, you can seamlessly transform abstract concepts into visually captivating graphics, while Chat GPT provides innovative solutions for crafting compelling visual content based on natural language input. By leveraging these AI-driven tools, you can unlock a world of creativity and elevate the visual appeal of your brand, captivating your audience and setting your business apart from the competition.

Presenting quality content is well worth the investment of your time and money. It should pay off exponentially as more content means more keywords, more pages for search engines to point to, more happy visitors and, ultimately, more revenue for your business!

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