Is Your Website ADA & WCAG Compliant for Accessibility?

In our unwavering commitment to top-notch web solutions, SiteHatchery proudly introduces the seamless integration of AccessiBe, the #1 Web Accessibility Solution for WCAG & ADA Compliance. At SiteHatchery, our mission is to forge digital spaces that welcome everyone, and with AccessiBe, we are taking a giant leap towards a more user-friendly online world.

Enhancing User Experience for a Diverse Audience

Accessibility widgets introduce a suite of features meticulously designed to enrich the user experience for a diverse audience. Whether it’s the text-to-speech functionality catering to the visually impaired, adjustable text size for individuals with visual preferences, color contrast options for those with color vision deficiencies, or keyboard navigation enhancements for users with motor impairments, your website becomes an accessible haven for individuals with varying needs and preferences.

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Proactively Committed to Compliance and Legal Assurance

By opting for an accessibility widget integration, your website transforms into a proactive advocate, simultaneously addressing potential legal concerns linked to accessibility.

Since 2018, the legal requirements for website accessibility has undergone a significant shift. Owners, contractors, and developers now collectively bear the responsibility of ensuring compliance with accessibility standards for websites they create. Contrary to a common assumption, the idea that a website developed years ago is automatically compliant is not safe. Standards for website accessibility have evolved, and older websites may not meet current criteria.

Non-compliance with accessibility standards poses a risk of lawsuits and legal threats, a concern that has surged in recent years with businesses of all sizes becoming targets. To proactively address accessibility concerns and mitigate legal risks, we recommend updates or integration of an accessibility widget. This aligns your website with legal requirements and fosters a more friendly digital environment.

Our goal is not just to inform you of legal obligations but to collaboratively navigate these changes. By prioritizing accessibility updates, businesses contribute to building a positive online presence that respects the rights of every individual to access information and services.

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Catering to a Spectrum of Disabilities

The transformative features of AccessiBe cater to a spectrum of disabilities, including but not limited to visual impairments (like blindness and low vision), motor impairments (such as limited mobility or dexterity issues), cognitive disorders (like dyslexia or ADHD), and more. This service is meticulously crafted to help individuals with diverse needs navigate and engage with your website seamlessly.

Our Pledge to Your Success

As part of our comprehensive solutions, SiteHatchery is thrilled to offer seamless setup and integration of an accessibility widget. Our goal is not merely about compliance; it’s about creating a digital space that genuinely accommodates every user.

Ready to Transform Your Website?

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Thank you for considering this pivotal step towards a positive future.

More Info and Guidance on Web Accessibility and the ADA here: