As website designers and developers, we have ran into our fair share of speed bumps within a project. We have battled custom software not interacting as intended. Responsive layouts that didn’t format right in all view port sizes. Reducing page sizes to increase page speed and so much more. With each project, there is always something to take a way. A trick of the trade. That is why we compiled a list of website success tips. As a development team, we are always compartmentalizing issues and solutions. The goal, to expose possible pot holes with a design before implementation. To overcome speed bumps that will slow us up as developers. And, to push ourselves when it come to new design ideas and development practices. As we continue to grow, we want to share some of our website success tips that help us out.

Why Backing Up Your Website Is Important: Best Practices by Developers

Building a website can be tedious and eventful. For months, developers can easily invest countless hours each day creating a website which includes engaging and colorful landing pages, helpful blog articles that offer solutions, carefully reviewed plugins which are resourceful in aiding with your website’s mission – all with the mindset of developing a website

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Site Hatchery Cyber Security

Cyber Crimes Decrease with SiteHatchery’s Security Service

Creative website solution provider expands their business in website security service. Chico, California – April, 2018, a web solution which provides web-hosting, web-design and other valuable business solutions in Northern California, announced it will add WordPress Website Security service to its list of service offers. The organization, a small web design and development company,

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You Can Benefit from Advertising on Search Engines

Every year Google, Yahoo, and Bing make tens of billions of dollars through search engine marketing, also known as Pay Per Click advertising. According to experts, search engine advertising drives more new website traffic than any other online advertising method. This means that when you advertise on search engines you’ll attract more new customers to

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Important Considerations on Website Accessibility

  Important Considerations on Website Accessibility. When you launch a new business or startup, one of the most exciting and creative tasks at hand, is that of building your very own website. You know the style and look that would favor your business and you think of including exciting features such as multi-media solutions, but one

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