SiteHatchery - What Makes Us Different?

What Makes SiteHatchery Different?

“What sets us apart?” It’s a question we hear often, and rightfully so. In a vast ocean of web developers, what distinguishes SiteHatchery from the rest? The answer lies in our “Why.”

Amidst a crowded marketplace of web developers, we embrace the challenge of standing out. Our commitment to excellence drives us to surpass expectations with every project. We’re not afraid to take calculated risks to deliver innovative solutions that defy convention. Most importantly, we prioritize our partners, walking in their shoes to understand their needs and aspirations. At SiteHatchery, it’s not just about what we do – it’s why we do it.

What you can expect when working with

We specialize in custom high-end design. Our clients are typically looking for the wow factor in design – something that grabs the attention of their clients. We like to think that we have some of the better designs on the web.

Our aim is perfection. We value quality – from code to design. We have a full time Quality Assurance Technician whose primary purpose is to catch any glitch before it gets in front of users. Most developers and companies don’t have this additional layer of quality assurance. We stand behind our values.

We are goal-oriented. We set deadlines and stick to them. This is what sets us apart from the overloaded freelancer who has the capacity of only one person. We have a team of six, who are focused on the goal of delivering a fully functioning website on time.

We love to communicate. We believe that communication is key to the success of a website launch. Our typical client wants a beautiful website that uniquely defines their business and addresses their goals. We must listen and understand their needs and unique position in the market. Cookie cutter templates are not our thing.

We have a process. Other companies will jump right into blind development and will waste valuable time with rework.

SiteHatchery website design chico California design agency

Here’s our process:

We start with a fact finding mission. We ask lots of questions to determine how to best meet your needs. We’ll run reports, look at statistics, and review competitor sites. We learn what you are about, where you’ve been, and where you are wanting to go.

Wireframing and Documentation
We begin sketching our ideas using plain old pen and paper and/or digital wireframing tools – whatever fits the occasion. Depending on the size of the project, we will also provide documentation such as use cases, test cases, field definitions and architectural design documentation. The goal here is to get everything we need to design and build the project, establish deadlines and deliverables and more clearly define scope.

Once you are comfortable with the plan, we will begin the graphic design process for the home page. After feedback and revisions, once we’ve gotten your comments and approval on the home page, we will create full color designs for additional major page types.

During the development process we write the code that transforms your designs into a fully functioning website or intranet. This includes everything from front end development using HTML and CSS, to hard core server-side software programming.

Testing is actually done at every level of the design-build process. Our goal is perfection, so we assign a Quality Assurance Technician to test and inspect every detail of your website at every step.

Final Step: Let’s Go Live!

SiteHatchery website design chico California design agency

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