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Boost Your Website’s Security: SSL Certificates

URGENT: They might be listening - Go Away
Danger! Danger!
This is important: If you do not have an SSL certificate, most browsers are telling your customers that your website is insecure. It only costs $75 per year. Just let us know if you’d like us to install one for you.
Why You Need an SSL Certificate
An SSL certificate scrambles the data that flows between your website and the web server. This keeps the bad guys from doing anything useful with the data that’s in transit.

Sound complicated? Maybe an analogy will help…

I’ll sometimes grab a few snacks at a convenience store that’s located a couple of blocks from my home. Upon check out, the cashier asks for the phone number that’s linked to my rewards account. Would this bother you? It bothers me! Why? Because the internal struggle always ends with me broadcasting my precious phone digits to everyone within earshot. It feels kinda creepy. Here’s the thing: I could avoid all this awkwardness by simply swiping a member card (of course, I have to bring it first).

An SSL certificate is kind of like a member card. I can pass data through without anybody being able to listen in.
Move customers through your website faster and with a higher level of security by having an SSL Certificate.
You might be thinking that your website doesn’t need an SSL certificate because you don’t have any data that needs to be kept private. For instance, your website might not have a contact form, member accounts, or payment information that is being processed.

However, there are good reasons to have one anyway…

If you do not have an SSL certificate installed, Google and Firefox now tell your users that your website is insecure. They really don’t care if there’s nothing to lock down. This will scare some users off your website. You really don’t want that!

Not only this, but having a secure website actually helps your website perform better in Google searches. That’s right, Google gives secure websites a little bump, making it slightly easier for people to find your website when people search.
Is Your Website Secure?

It’s pretty easy to tell if your website is secure.

Here’s what a secure website looks like in Chrome.
Secure Website in Chrome


Here’s what an insecure website looks like in Chrome.

Insecure Website in Chrome



Before long, Chrome will change it to look like this!

Not secure website in Chrome



What should you do?

If you’re website does not have a green “https” in front of the URL, then you need an SSL certificate. Contact us today and we’ll get on installed for you.

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