When it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress is the global go to. With so many developers supporting the platform, it’s an easy choice for many people. Which is why we came up with WordPress maintenance tips. With WordPress, there are continual advancements made with the system. It’s a reliable foundation for websites and its always growing. With thousands of custom themes created for the platform, designers have flexibility. When it comes to software support, thousands of solution are available. Developers have options.

WordPress is perfect for any type of website lifestyle or business. There is no shortage of what WordPress can do. With proper maintenance; website owners can keep their site safe, secure and performing. Explore simple ways to protect your content. Find helpful strategies to backing up your website. Discover safe methods for updating your website. If you have a WordPress website, we hope these WordPress maintenance tips help.

Back up your computer with SiteHatchery in Chico Sacramento Northern California

Why Backing Up Your Website Is Important: Best Practices by Developers

Building a website can be tedious and eventful. For months, developers can easily invest countless hours each day creating a website which includes engaging and

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Secure Website ssl certificate

Decrease Cyber Crimes with SiteHatchery’s Security Service

WordPress security measures help safeguard your website from various cyber threats, such as malware, hacking attempts, and unauthorized access.

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WordPress Website Setup From cPanel in 5 Steps

Why would I go through cPanel to set up my WordPress site? While cPanel is not the only way to install WordPress, its popularity and

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website safety SSl Certificates

Boost Your Website’s Security: SSL Certificates

Website security is paramount, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Let’s shed some light on SSL certificates and why they’re crucial for your website’s

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Essential Website Report Tools for Data-Driven Success

Discover an Abundance of Valuable Reports to Elevate Your Business Website. Among the array of options, we proudly present our Top Choices for Insightful Growth.

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Website Maintenance: Key to Optimal User Experience

Although it’s necessary to design a website that looks good and performs well in any field, ongoing effort will be required to keep your website

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Tips To Find The Right Website Maintenance Services Provider

Summary The most important factor for any business today is a website where customers can find information, learn about services and make purchases. It does

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secure website ssl certificate

Determine the Quality of a WordPress Plugin

Choosing the Safest WordPress Plugins: A Revealing Guide In this post, we’re unveiling our insider techniques for selecting the most secure and bug-free WordPress plugins.

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