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Should You Use a Ghostwriter?

Should You Use a Ghostwriter? 5 Things To Consider

If you’re like me, you have moments where your time feels so stretched, you want to clone yourself: just step into some contraption from a science fiction movie and generate two yous.

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Meet the Owner - Jason

Meet the Owner

Jason has been developing websites and software professionally for 10 years. He has programmed for a major web-based retailer, software and design agencies

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SiteHatchery - What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

We specialize in custom high-end design. Our clients are typically looking for the wow factor in design – something that grabs the attention of their clients. We like to think that we have some of the better designs on the web.

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The Phonebook versus Google

The Phone Book vs. Google

The use of websites has dramatically changed over the course of the last five, even ten years. More consumers are turning to the internet to look up simple business questions. The phone book is a thing of the past.

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